Rihanna’s Friends Say She’s Over Chris Brown’s Drama, Won’t See Him During Tour Break

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

As Rihanna begins her break from her current world tour, many suspect the singer could possibly reunite for the umpteenth time with her on and off boyfriend Chris Brown. Chris himself has been spending lots of time with his other notable ex girlfriend Karrueche Tran, and although Karrueche claimed him on the night of the BET Awards, the singer later confirmed in an interview with Hollywood Life they were over and he is currently a single man. It’s probably a very good time for Chris to be single again considering he’s got an album dropping soon and more legal problems to handle, but Chrihanna fans may not want to hold their breath on a possible reunion with Rihanna. Those close to the “Diamonds” singer claim even though she’s back in Los Angles, don’t expect her to hook back up with Chris because she’s over the drama. And as we all know, there’s been lots of drama between the two ever since he assaulted her in 2009. Rihanna’s reportedly sick of him going back and forth between her and Karrueche and other women who haven’t gotten as much attention in the media. Hollywood Life reports:

“She’s cool on all his drama,” a source close to Rihanna tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY. ”Nobody has time for that. Life is way too short, and it’s just better to cut the losses now and move on.”

“She’s cool without him. She was Rihanna before him. No shade, but it’s cool. She loves him and wants him to be great.”

Rihanna has been performing nonstop on her “Diamonds World Tour.” Her last performance was on Sunday, July 28 in Finland. Now, the singer will enjoy a 52-day hiatus before she and her crew climb on a private jet and head to the Philippines, where the tour continues on Sept. 19.


  1. Well why wasn’t Rihanna cool on his drama after he punched her in the face? It took him playing her and Karrueche for several months to see the big picture? My goodness she’s an idiot.

    1. So you’ve never made a mistake before and given someone a second chance who didn’t deserve it? I find that hard to believe. #HatersAreSad

  2. We’ll see. Heard this so many times and then they make an “appearance” on Instagram together.

  3. Oh Chris will get back with her before the album drops. That’s all she’s ever been. Publicity. Too naive to see it for what it was.

  4. LOL yeah right. He just broke up with Kae too and an album is coming. I expect another publicity stunt from these three.

  5. I never understood the Chrihanna hype. I never thought they were a good couple because both of them are hotheads.

  6. I think I’d have a lot of respect for Rihanna if she really didn’t take Chris back but we all know how this thing goes.

  7. You know what’s funny to me is all Rihanna friends or all these anonymous sources blame all her problems on Chris or they are associated with Chris. Yea they don’t need to be together but she has other problems that don’t have ish to do with Chris that needs to be addressed. Listen to what Katy Perry just said.

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