Lil Scrappy Admits to Lying on Erica & Explains Why He Has Beef with Shay

Photo Credit: VLADTV/YouTube
Photo Credit: VLADTV/YouTube

By: Taren Vaughan

Did Erica Dixon get pregnant by a married man? Erica Dixon has made it crystal clear that she doesn’t care too much for Shay Johnson. And apparently Lil Scrappy feels the same way about Shay now. From what has been revealed so far about the reunion show, Erica won’t be coming to blows with Shay or any of her other cast mates, but she was supposedly put on blast by Lil Scrappy. Shay Johnson spilled some tea on the reunion show not too long ago and claimed Lil Scrappy put Erica on blast and exposed her alleged past. Shay says Scrappy claimed that Erica got pregnant by a married man and aborted the baby. In an interview he did with VLADTV, Lil Scrappy admits to lying on Erica and explains why he is keeping his distance from Shay.

On why he lied on Erica and claimed she got pregnant by a married man, Scrappy says:

“It got a little heated and you know Erica said some things about me that was kinda negative and wasn’t right. So you know, I was just acting out in the heat of things you know what I’m saying? Just going HAM, just going cold f-cking turkey. Not that it was right for her to say anything, but it wasn’t right for me to answer back with that. She wasn’t never messing with no married guy and I know she was never pregnant by nobody. I would have been stopped messing with her. For real, like it would have never gone this long. I would have been said something you feel me? But um, I just want to tone that down because that is a lie.”

And despite what people may think, Lil Scrappy says he isn’t messing with Shay anymore and says she wasn’t there for him during his time in rehab. Scrappy also says Erica brought their daughter Emani to come visit him during his time in rehab and that Bambi was really there for him too, fueling the rumors going around of them dating each other:

“Ain’t nobody really was messing with me when I was in my little rehab situation…I had one person that was, shouts out to Bambi, came to visit me a couple times. Erica, shout out to her. She came and brought my daughter to see me. I was able to see my daughter and Erica for Father’s Day. Other than that, I keep a distance from Shay because she really wasn’t instrumental in my rehab situation.”

As for Erica always threatening to call the police on him, Lil Scrappy says he thinks she was doing it all out of spite and says they won’t be going through that anymore because he and Erica won’t be getting back together but will continue to raise their daughter in the best way possible:

“We won’t be having that situation ever again in life. That just means I’m not with her. We not gone get back together so we won’t have that situation. We just really parenting right now, just being real cool…”

Peep Lil Scrappy’s interview below:


  1. This storyline is over. I can’t see why Mona would bring them back next season. Even Shay has a new boo.

  2. Shay’s trying to save her own spot on the show. She has a new rapper boo. She knows Erica and Scrappy’s time is up. LOL!

  3. Scrappy is such a LAME lying on your baby mama is so weak. I betcha Shay face cracked because she was on the breakfast club so happy to find something to put Erica on blast but sorry boo she ain’t a whore like you. Once again Shay is still looking like the sidepiece,tramp, whore,etc Ha!

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