Michael Jordan’s Ex Girlfriend Caught in Lie over Paternity Suit, Ordered to Pay Legal Fees

Photo Credit: Twitter
Photo Credit: Twitter

By: Taren Vaughan

Michael Jordan alleged baby mama gets caught in a lie and ordered to pay MJ’s legal fees? Michael Jordan may have just gotten happily married, but the drama surrounding the woman who claims he is the father of her son hasn’t come to an end yet. MJ’s ex-girlfriend Pamela Smith filed a paternity suit against the basketball legend claiming that he was the father of her 16-year-old son. And Pamela was not only looking to prove Michael was her son’s father. She wanted Michael to pay child support, fork over money to cover the boy’s medical expenses and to allow the teenager to use “Jordan” as his last name.

Despite what Pamela has been saying about him, Michael Jordan clapped back at her suit and denied fathering the child as he claims Pamela already knew who the boy’s father was. Pamela continued to stick to her story though and planned to refile the suit. In the midst of all the legal drama, Michael Jordan racked up lawyer fees and demanded that Pamela take care of them. It looks like Pamela Smith got caught up in a lie and is now being required to pay all of Michael Jordan’s legal fees, TMZ reports:

Michael Jordan’s alleged baby mama LIED about the NBA star fathering her child in a desperate attempt to cash in on his fame … and now there are consequences.

TMZ broke the story … Pamela Smith filed a paternity suit against Jordan, claiming he was the father of her 17-year-old kid. She demanded a DNA test, full custody and child support. Jordan called B.S. — and even asked the court to b*tch slap Smith for wasting his time.

On July 19th, Jordan got his wish when a judge hammered Pamela … and here’s why — The judge says Pamela FAILED to mention that paternity was established way back in 2003 — and M.J.’s NOT the daddy.

The website also goes on to say that the judge over the case says Pamela’s claim was bogus and all for attention as she reportedly made it a point to hire a publicist before she hired an attorney in her attempt to defame the former NBA star. Pamela is being ordered to pay $9,704.13 to cover MJ’s legal fees.



  1. Well that’s that. Hopefully she will sit down somewhere now. It’s sad what people will do for attention.

  2. Karma. I knew all of this was a stunt. Watch her secure a spot on a reality show next. That was the whole point.

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