Idris Elba Says Kissing Beyonce Was Weird

Photo Credit: Twitter
Photo Credit: Twitter

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Idris Elba talks about Beyonce in new interview? There’s no doubt Idris Elba is a bona fide sex symbol when it comes to Black Hollywood, and the seasoned actor is not only praised for his great looks, but his undeniable talent on the big and little screens. While there is buzz suggesting Elba could get his first Oscar with his upcoming role in the Nelson Mandela biopic, Elba is still snatching up movie roles like a veteran actor. However, the actor recently opened up about his former role alongside superstar Beyonce in the 2009 thriller “Obsessed.” Idris played Beyonce’s husband in the film and he now says kissing the singer was “a bit weird” considering he has so much respect for her hubby Jay Z and the pair worked on an album together. He tells Event Magazine:

“That was a bit weird. We did a lot of the kissing scenes on day one of filming. I guess it was an icebreaker…

“[Jay-Z’s] cool. We’ve worked together [on his American Gangster album] – there’s a lot of respect there.”


The actor goes on to say that although it was weird to kiss Beyonce, it wasn’t as scary as kissing other actresses:

“It wasn’t as scary as Catherine Deneuve. That was my most terrifying screen kiss [in the 1999 French movie Belle Maman]. I was petrified.

“I mean, that woman is a legend.”


As weird as it was for Idris to kiss Beyonce, we surely couldn’t tell or see any awkwardness in their scenes together. And that’s most likely a testament to Elba’s talent.


    1. Agreed. Not that men of all complexions aren’t beautiful too in their own way, but dark chocolate is beautiful. On men and women. #shrugs

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