LeBron James Admits He’s Tired of Fame Amid Cheating Allegations

Photo Credit: Christopher Johnson
Photo Credit: Christopher Johnson

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

LeBron James groupie tales lead to the NBA star regretting fame? LeBron James may be one of the biggest stars in the NBA right now, but the Miami Heat champion isn’t immune to rumors and tabloid talk. LeBron is engaged to be married to his high school sweetheart Savannah Brinson, and although some sites suggested they were having some issues earlier and possibly postponed the wedding, it’s now been confirmed the couple will tie the knot this fall. However, LeBron’s recent weekend in Toronto has once again made him the target of gossip, and after partying hard with bff Drake at the Caribana festival, some people are suggesting the basketball player may have allegedly had too good of a time with groupies. LeBron must have gotten wind of what some people were writing about him on message boards and their social media accounts because he talked about how tired he is of fame on his Facebook account. Jocks and Stiletto Jill reports:

Over the weekend, Lebron James took to FaceBook to lament the woes of being one of the most famous athletes alive. LeBron talked of being famous since he was 15-years-old and how hard it is to just go out and have a good time.

You might be wondering what caused this display of emotion. Well LeBron was in Toronto over the weekend for the Caribana festival. According to the ladies of popular message board, Lipstick Alley, King James was allegedly sending his professional friends to invite women to attend a “private” party.



Here’s what LeBron had to say about the rumors on his Facebook page:

“Man it’s hard to go out and have a good time these days! It’s cool though, it’s part of my life. Wouldn’t change anything(just saying). Been in the spotlight since I was 15. Sometimes u just wanna STOP!! But I refuse cause I have a commitment to the youth to inspire them!! That will keep me pushing forward and focused alone.”


  1. He probably does cheat! But who cares?! That’s between him and his woman. People love to make up stuff on the internet and run with it. Ugh!

  2. I like LeBron. I don’t know what he does with groupies but he’s a great basketball player. That’s all that matters in my opinion. #shrugs

  3. I honestly think the biggest groupie is Drake. Every time he’s photo’d with LeBron he’s cheesing hard as hell like he’s about to become LeBron’s baby mama and imagining one of those child support checks. Very weird.

  4. Another person complaining about fame. The funny thing is they never complain about the money that comes along with it.

  5. I think LeBron would be salty if he ever became irrelevant. His ego isn’t as big as Kobe’s but he definitely has one.

  6. Whatever. I get annoyed when famous people complain about anything. They have it better than 99% of the world.

  7. Comes along with the territory LeBron. Just get out on the court and win. That’s what you’re paid millions to do. This other stuff is just part of it.

  8. I’m so sick of people complaining about fame it’s people in the world who have real life problems this is the life you chose so get over it. FYI Lebron is just like every other NBA player but he just do his dirt in private.

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