Sneak Peek: Kirk Defends His Behavior on LHHATL, Rasheeda Gets Upset

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Rasheeda and Kirk Frost have already been called out and accused of faking their storyline on season two of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta,” and although Rasheeda didn’t really deny the accusations, they are still moving forward as if the drama is very real and VH1 has released a sneak peek of part two of the reunion. In the clip, Kirk and Rasheeda discuss the drama they had on season two and Kirk gets confronted about how inappropriate he was with other women in front of the cameras. Interestingly enough, Kirk could barely keep a straight face and even laughed when the audience booed him for his pretty weak excuses. Rasheeda on the other hand made it clear she didn’t fault anyone else but Kirk for his behavior and even said she is still considering her legal options despite it appearing that the couple would commit to working out their issues on the show’s season finale. On the conversation, VH1 blogs:

Part one of the Love And Hip Hop Atlanta reunion ended with a cliffhanger. We thought we’d see Kirk and Rasheeda, who happen to be the only couple with the ability to overshadow Stevie and Joseline, finally have it out. Alas, we were told to wait till part two.

In the sneak peek from part two, once again, Kirk justifies his actions and explains that he felt like he was given a pass, but up to this point, Rasheeda hasn’t spoken on how she felt to watch her husband get groped and kissed by other women. “I felt disgusted, disrespected, ready to kill his a*s,” she says.


Check out the clip below:



  1. Call it fake or not. It is reality! People get cheated in left to right. Married or not.. A lot of people don’t like to see this because they’re probably going threw it there self or has happened to them and they still stayed. Unless they say it’s fake. How can anyone call this storyline fake, but believe everyone else storyline or whatever else come out there mouth. Rasheeda hope you and your husband get counseling and work threw your issues. You’re married threw the good or bad till death do you apart. A lot of people miss that part in a marriage, but so happy at the beginning when things are so good. Don’t confess to god if you’re not going to abide by your commitment.

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