Kim & Kanye Decide Against Selling Baby Photos to Magazines While Kim’s Popularity Tanks?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have been new parents for months now, but no one has seen any photos of their daughter North West or even seen Kim Kardashian step outside the house since the child’s birth. For several weeks before Kim gave birth, there were numerous conflicting reports on what the couple would do to introduce their daughter to the world, and Kim’s camp even suggested on numerous occasions the reality star could stand to get millions if she and Kanye opted to sell their baby’s photos to the highest bidding magazine. However, there were also reports circulating everywhere that Kanye was completely against it, and he didn’t want his daughter to be some kind of cash cow and magazine seller.

Many weeks after the birth, it now appears Kim and Kanye have made a decision not to sell North West’s photos. In fact, the Kardashian clan tells TMZ they have instead decided to either release the photos for free via social media like Jay Z and Beyonce did for Blue Ivy or to give the photos away to a high-profile magazine that expresses interest.

Interestingly enough, recent reports suggest Kim’s plan to hide out after the baby’s birth in an attempt to increase the public’s excitement and interest in the baby may have backfired. According to Radar Online, the reality star feels she’s not as popular as she was post childbirth and people were more interested in Kate Middleton’s birth.

Ironically, Kate Middleton and Prince William wasted no time in showing off their baby to the world, while Kim figured hiding out would make her an even bigger star. Unfortunately for Kim, she’s not making as many headlines as she was post her hideaway. Not even the usual “Kim and Kanye are secretly getting married story” picked up steam this last time around and that’s usually front page news.


  1. Y’all know Kim and Kris itching to sell those baby pics but Kanye won’t let them do it this is hilarious. I personally think Kim is going to reveal herself at the VMA’s that’s the next biggest event and we all know she craves to be the center of attention.But I think her big reveal is backfiring because people are enjoying her out of the spotlight. Ha!

    1. I don’t think Kim is pressed to show off her baby. If she was, she would’ve already. Kim is not married to Kanye and she can always go to the courts if Kanye throws an epic b-fit.

      1. But when you are desperate like she is and her image can’t take another failed relationship she will do anything in her power to keep Kanye happy and to maintain her brand. Come on now we all know if it wasn’t for Kanye they would be pimpin the hell out of North.

  2. I have to commend KimYe for not selling the baby pics and having their baby in the press. I’m also they didn’t make a tumblr page either.

  3. Kim thought she was Anerican royalty but she’s not. She took too long to release pics and people have moved on. Show the baby’s face or not. Who cares.

  4. Kanye is losing his stardom too. All those paparazzi attacks got old real fast. I’ll be glad when the Kardashians go away.

  5. When you have no talent, eventually it gets very hard to stay relevant. Kim’s done it with her relationships, but there’s no other way to shock people. No one cares if they get married, break up, etc. the thrill is gone.

  6. Can’t wait until Kim and her fam sit down somewhere. And now that Pimp Kris has a show, they are even more annoying.

  7. Kim’s dumb a-s waited too late. I knew this would back fire. And I seriously doubt they would get that much for photos. In 2013? No way.

  8. Kim your star is fading. Not even Kanye, your baby, nor Kris’ soon to be cancelled talk show will save you. Just take your annoying family with you quietly. Thanks.

  9. I see it differently. I don’t think Kim is hiding the baby at all. I think Kim is hiding herself. She’s not going to reveal herself until she has her body back so she can pick up where she left off, except now instead of an expensive purse or a new beau as an accessory she’ll have a baby.That’s why when she appeared on video on her mom’s new talk show you only saw her from the neck up.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if the first time you see the baby it’ll be out with one of the other sisters. That girl is too self centered to be too hung up about her baby or people seeing her baby.

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