Chris Brown Admits He Hates Being Alone

Photo Credit: YouTube/Hot 97
Photo Credit: YouTube/Hot 97

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

As R&B singer Chris Brown awaits his fate regarding the recent hit and run charges he acquired and the recent revocation of his probation, it’s clear the singer’s days of drama won’t be ending any time soon. In fact, Chris recently had a seizure while he was working on music in the studio, and his reps would later state the seizure was a result of stress and constant negativity they believe stems from the constant criticism and an impending court date that will determine if he will be jailed for up to four years or be found not guilty of the hit and run.

Chris recently confirmed to Hollywood Life that he is currently a single man and he wanted to remain free of romantic relationships so he could focus more on his music career. Up until that confirmation, he’s been back and forth between his notable exes Rihanna and Karrueche Tran, but Rihanna’s friends claimed her days of trying to make things work with Chris Brown are long over. Interestingly enough, Chris recently revealed in an interview with Hot 97 that he dreads being alone and he considers his lonely moments to be his worst. He says:

“When I’m at my worst? Probably just when I’m alone. I don’t like to be alone. I kind of like to have people around me then feed off people’s energies and vibes. So I’m probably at my worst when I’m just idle.”


Chris also goes on to explain why it’s extremely hard to be so famous and remain humble. He credits his loved ones for keeping him humble:

“With the level of fame I have, being humble and just staying grounded…it’s also difficult to try to maintain that with so many people knowing your name and money…You know everything with the entertainment industry. So I just put real people around me, my family and make sure the people around me tell me when I’m wrong, tell me man that don’t look right, man you’re doing wrong.”


Check out the quickie interview below:


  1. Well he needs to work on his fear of being alone because having that fear will keep you in unhealthy relationships and trifling people. I can see just by photos that most of his “friends” are just leaches anyway.

    1. That’s funny considering your fave Rihanna blew up after she decided to play the public sympathy card real hard and cried in all those interviews. If I’m not mistaken that’s when she blew up right?

  2. He needs to learn how to be alone. That’s something every adult needs to know how to handle. If not, he’ll keep dating the wrong kind of women and picking terrible friends just so he can say he’s not alone.

    1. Stop hatin…that girl has a job…several of them apparently..Lol.. maybe he likes having her around.

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