Lil Mo Puts Kelly Price on Blast & Says She Almost Got ‘R&B Divas LA’ Cancelled

TV One/Urban Belle
TV One/Urban Belle

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

A Lil Mo and Kelly Price beef in the works? “R&B Divas LA’ has become even more messy than the original show that takes place in Atlanta. In fact, the show has taken off because people feel the cast which consists of Kelly Price, Lil Mo, Dawn Robinson, Chanté Moore, Claudette Ortiz and Michel’le is more entertaining. As always with any reality show, the season already has a villain and it just happens to be Kelly Price. It’s probably no shocker to most that Kelly is coming with the drama, however, some are shocked that she’s as “turnt up” as she is. She’s getting up in people’s faces but she is taking the Nicci Gilbert route and blaming the producers and editing for how she’s been acting on-screen.

Fellow R&B diva Dawn Robinson has been defending Kelly’s portrayal and also blames the producers for how she’s been appearing so far this season. Dawn even claimed the producers told them in a meeting they were “boring” and needed to spice things up so the season could take off.

Their cast member, the very outspoken Lil Mo, disagrees and actually slammed both Kelly and Dawn in a recent interview. She tells the Hip Hop Socialite what we see from Kelly is who she really is and she even claims they had to keep security on the set because she would go off so much:

“Kelly would get so belligerent at times, it was hired security for the set. It got to the point that we didn’t know what face she going to bring in and act like. And that’s real.”


When it comes to the editing argument, Lil Mo says they can’t even afford to do that much editing because the show is so new and the budget they got from TV One isn’t quite up to par to do major editing to make one person look bad.

Lil Mo then says the show almost got cancelled because one of the cast members actually got up in an executive’s face:

“Yes, we almost got cancelled because someone was acting so extra and that’s getting in the executive’s face. It was uncalled for.”


Moments later she confirms it was Kelly who got in the executive’s face and she doesn’t feel bad Kelly’s getting so much backlash for her on-screen behavior.

Although Lil Mo isn’t on the best of terms with Kelly or Dawn, she says she respects them both, but feels they are too lazy to make something out of the platform the show provides:

“No disrespect, I respect them for their mark on the industry…They are not focused and I’m tired of the lies that they’re spreading about production…”


Check out the clip below:

And listen to the full interview here:


  1. Kelly Price needs to get it together. She’s making herself look like a ghetto hoodrat and for what? This low budget show? Sad.

  2. Kelly Price os just doing too much but is Lil Mo is just as annoying. Reality TV has people you liked and respected looking crazy.

  3. I can’t believe they are having so much drama on this show. I didn’t think they would be doing all this. Aren’t these women in their 40s on up? Smh.

    1. That’s why I don’t watch it. I tried to support the first one, but it became the older lady version of Basketball Wives. Had to stop watching.

  4. Kelly Price Is A Fat B*tch, Lil Mo Is Hood, Dawn Robinson Is A Coward, Mi’chelle Speaking Voice Is Just Uggghhh, Claudette Ortiz is Gorgeous/Kinda Coo-Coo, & Chante Moore is Pitiful/Think She Is The Shiznaanee!

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