Shaunie O’Neal Calls People Who Bash BBW But Watch LHH Shows Hypocrites?

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Taren Vaughan

Shaunie O’Neal calls people who bash “Basketball Wives” but watch “Love & Hip Hop” shows hypocrites? The season premiere of “Basketball Wives” season 5 is  set to air Monday night on VH1. But many people still aren’t sold on the idea of the show being any more family-friendly than it has been in the past, especially after they saw the supertrailer for the new season. As a result, the backlash over the behavior displayed on “Basketball Wives” has started to pick up again. And Shaunie O’Neal doesn’t understand why as she feels those who come down hard on the BBW cast members over the way they act yet tune in to other reality TV shows on VH1 are being very hypocritical.

In an interview she did with Sister 2 Sister Magazine, Shaunie spoke about the upcoming season of “Basketball Wives” and the criticism they receive over the show. And when asked how she would encourage people who have a bad taste in their mouths from previous seasons to tune in for the new season of BBW, Shaunie calls out those who are constantly bashing “Basketball Wives” yet are quick to watch other reality TV shows on VH1:

“Those people that say that, I really don’t say anything to them to be honest. That’s their opinion. If you’re going to tell me you’re not going to watch “Basketball Wives,” but you tune into some of the other shows on the same network, it’s a little contradictory to me. If I were to try to convince somebody to watch, I would say that this season, there is growth. There is a whole lot of growth. There is some change in some people. Don’t look to see a bunch of Mother Theresas ‘cause that’s not happening, but you do see growth. I am very proud of season 5 of “Basketball Wives.” It’s growth and it is some change there. We’re not perfect, but we’re better.”

Shaunie also clarifies the talk about the women on the show “turning over a new leaf.” And she says no one has completely changed necessarily but growth has been made:

“I don’t know that everybody’s turning over a new leaf. I think that’s been exaggerated a little bit. Like I said, there’s growth. I don’t think anyone on the cast has completely turned into someone new. I think there are surprises on who has grown some balls all of a sudden this season. There’s just growth. There’s a little regression in some moments, too, in some folks, but overall, there’s growth. There’s no one coming out brand new. I can’t say they’ve turned over a new leaf completely. It’s turning.”

As far as “Basketball Wives LA” is concerned, there has been a lot of talk going on about the show’s fate and the cast members. Shaunie confirms that BBWLA will start filming for another season in August and changes have indeed been made to the cast as she says there will be some new faces on the show.

What do you think about Shaunie O’Neal’s comments?


  1. Fail. Shaunie, don’t try to insult our intelligence. You don’t name a show Basketball WIVES and then have no wives on the show. Then if that’s not ratchet enough, the “wives” fight like they are really on WWE. At least with Love and Hip Hop we knew what to expect from day one.

    1. I totally agree! As old as these hoes are, they’re messy as hell. Especially Suzie huge overbore having a-s. Thank goodness she got it fixed!

  2. People knew what to expect with Love and Hip Hop. But Shaunie originally said the show would feature wives (which it really didn’t) and show them doing community service and running businesses. Basically show what it’s really like to be a NBA wife. That never happened. So don’t try to point fingers now that you have been called out.

  3. Love and Hip Hop was straight up on the first day. Shaunie actually marketed the show as if it would be positive and show a glimpse into the lives of basketball wives. But it was something completely different. LOL.

  4. I think if they would just rename the show to what it really is, Basketball Groupies, then maybe people will stop holding it to a high standard. When we heard there was going to be a show about rappers and their baby mamas/girlfriends, we expected it to be ratchet. From the name alone BBW, we expected it to be classy. We were so wrong.

  5. LOL at her being salty when she’s the one that agreed go forward with that terrible show. I hope the money was worth it because her image as a “business woman” was severely hurt by it.

  6. She’s jealous Mona’s shows are doing better than hers. But Mona never promised to have an uplifting show. We knew it was going to be trash from the first day. That’s the difference.

  7. Well everybody I liked is gone so that’s why I won’t be watching. It’s nothing deeper than that. #shrugs

  8. WRONG!!!! There is no bully on LHH. I would say Joseline a bully bit she doesn’t prey on the weak like Tami and Evelyn, joseline had a temper with anybody. There are only 2 original cast members besides Susie the extra

    1. I’m cosigning this. At least joseline will pop off at anybody. Tami n Evelyn are weak cuz they bully the weak ones.

  9. Is she really shading people for expecting more out of her? Excuse me for thinking you were classy and too intelligent to create such trash Shaunie. You talked a good game about how uplifting and classy BBW would be and it has been nothing but complete trash. You have ruined your own image for what, VH1? Shame.

  10. Lol Lol now everyone sees who this chick is, because her show didn’t do well she stoop to bashing another show that is entirely different then her “Getto Wives”… Shame on Shaunie your 15 min of fame is over!!!! you let women be bullied on your show. Bye Shaunie…

  11. Shaunie, stop saying the word “GROWTH”. You make absolutely no sense. It’s like your trying to justify these women and your actions! not working boo boo

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