Chris Brown’s Concerts in Canada Get Cancelled

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Chris Brown’s legal troubles may be over with for now, but the R&B singer is still dealing with lots of drama thanks to his image that took a massive hit after he assaulted then girlfriend Rihanna. As we reported recently, Chris was recently slapped with hit and run charges after he got into a fender bender with a woman out in Los Angeles. She later claimed Chris didn’t hand over his insurance info nor a California license, but Chris took to his Twitter account to slam the accusations and said he handed over all the necessary information and committed no crime. After his hearing last Thursday, the charges were dismissed, but not before he had a seizure his camp would later blame on stress surrounding his upcoming court date. Friday his probation was reinstated, but he has to basically redo 1000 hours of his community service. If the legal issues weren’t stressful enough, Chris was also having lots of drama in Canada. He was set to perform at a few shows there and he was even asked to headline the Energy Rush concert. Unfortunately for Chris, the shows were protested because of his scheduled appearance.

While organizers for the Energy Rush concert said they were standing behind Chris, the show and other scheduled performances began to lose sponsorship. Despite losing sponsors, the Energy Rush show was still set to go forward. That was until now.

According to reports, not only was the Energy Rush concert series postponed until next year, but Chris’ shows in Winnipeg, Saint John and Toronto were also postponed.

Interestingly enough, the organizers for the Energy Rush concert series cite Chris Brown’s legal troubles and personal issues for postponing the concert. Stephen Tobin, owner of Drop Entertainment Group (the concert’s promoter), says in a statement posted on the company’s website regarding the concert series:

“After ongoing conversation and consultation with this year’s headline act Chris Brown, and in light of the performer’s recent personal and health-related issues, a decision has been made to cancel all four scheduled performance.

“In the absence of a festival headliner, we cannot proceed.”


  1. I saw this coming so I’m not surprised. Every move he makes will get judged, so he should take a break to chill out and get his head together anyway

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