Foxy Brown Plans to Sue Hair Stylist Who Accused Her of Stealing Weave

Photo Credit: RapFix/MTV
Photo Credit: RapFix/MTV

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

A Foxy Brown lawsuit in the works? Female rapper Foxy Brown may not be in the forefront of the female rap game considering Nicki Minaj is dominating all by her lonesome, but these days Fox Boogie is still finding herself in the headlines just as much as she was in her heyday. As we reported recently, a hair stylist in New York accused the rapper of stealing $900 worth of weave from her, and she even told Bossip she filed a police report against the rapper. In a very emotional interview Foxy did recently with MTV’s RapFix, she broke down in tears when she started talking about how hurtful some of the reports have been to her. But she vows to fight back against what she says are false accusations and told Sway she will file a lawsuit against the hair stylist:

“This last thing with the hair situation? I’ve decided that I’m going to make an example out of her. We stepped back and we said ok, if no other artist is bold enough to say I’m going to sue this person, you’re not going to get away with just straight accusing someone. You’re not saying alleged…it was alleged… you’re saying this person whatever the allegations are, you’ve run up on somebody in the grocery store with a phone! Like who does that? Who does those things!? Reputable people don’t do that. People don’t do that. That just never happens. What was alleged by this beast, was something that has never been attributed to my name…Ever…Ever. Foxy is known for two things: Fashion and hair.”


Foxy also says she now plans to launch her own hair line thanks to the drama she just had with the stylist:

“So I said, ‘You know what? I said I’m a flip it.’ So many years they been trying to get me to do a hair line, so since I got all this press, I’m going do this boutique collection and just shut the game down. I have this boutique hair collection and it’s amazing.”


Check out the clip below:


  1. First, why would I want to wear any weave from the same female who thinks wavy yaki weave ooks good enough to wear every single day? And why is weave so important to us? I wish more of us valued our own hair as much as we do these grotesque weaves.

    1. Yes! I think black women have beautiful hair! I love our different textures. But we have to start seeing the beauty in our hair. I’m tired of us walking around here with another woman’s texture in our hair.

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