Jay Z Gives Students Scholarships to Study Abroad

Photo Credit: Twitter
Photo Credit: Twitter

By: Taren Vaughan

Jay Z helps student get the chance to study abroad? Jay Z’s time in the rap game has been very good to him as the Brooklyn native has managed to take his career to new heights and find much success outside of the music arena. However, Jay Z’s skills as a businessman have been challenged a time or two and people have claimed he doesn’t do enough for the community. Despite the criticism he has received, it hasn’t deterred the rap mogul from continuing to find ways to help young African Americans pursue their goals and dreams. And through his foundation, Jay has been able to help several students further their education.

21-year-old Laquisha Springer got the chance of a lifetime as the behavioral neuroscience major at Connecticut College was able to spend a semester studying abroad at the Danish Institute for Study Abroad in Copenhagen thanks to the Shawn Carter Foundation-Gilman International scholarship she received. Laquisha was one of four students to receive the scholarship through the United States Department of State’s Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs. And she says her experience studying abroad was an incredible one as she got the opportunity to step outside of her comfort zone and do things she never thought she would do.

While she is very thankful for her scholarship and the opportunity to study abroad, Laquisha tells Diverse she is truly inspired knowing that the financial help she received for her academic venture came from a wealthy individual she can really relate to:

“It makes me proud, you know, to know that someone who is relatively close to my age and someone I can relate to who’s had to struggle to get to where he is, that he’s investing in my future. That shows me that he believes in my future.”

Laquisha also spoke on the criticism Jay Z received from Harry Belafonte for not doing enough in the community and says she thinks people expect Jay Z to help the world:

“I mean, it probably doesn’t help that his net worth is almost at $1 billion. So I’m assuming people, when they say he’s not doing enough, they’re expecting him to literally help the world. But for me, personally at least, his foundation has helped me out at lot since I’ve been a scholar.”

Jay Z’s foundation, the Shawn Carter Foundation, has a partnership with the U.S. State Department. And along with the four study abroad scholarships, Jay’s foundation financed 188 scholarships last year. The foundation was officially established in 2003 and has given away over $1.3 million dollars in scholarships since its founding. As many people probably aren’t aware of the partnership, it’s pretty clear great things are happening as a result of it.

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    1. LOL right! Jay does good deeds, it just doesn’t get written about. Not every celebrity is pressed to publicize when they do something for the community.

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