Kanye West Gets Slapped with a Lawsuit over Recent Paparazzi Attack

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kanye West sued by paparazzi? Kanye has always been pretty vocal about his hate for the media, especially the paparazzi. Throughout the course of his time in the limelight, the rapper and music producer has attacked several paparazzi and it’s been made clear in his recent music that he has no desire to work on his rage for the media. In fact, Kanye is so disgusted with the paparazzi that he has no demanded they no longer speak to him and in recent interactions, he’s even demanded they stop taking his pictures. However, it’s been impossible for Kanye to win on either demand because it’s not against the law for the paparazzi to snap pictures of celebrities in private places or say anything to them while they appear away from the privacy of their own homes. However, Kanye continues to take things a lot further than just demanding not to be spoken to, and he continues to get physical with nearby paparazzi who break his rule and communicate with him out in the open. His most recent attack was at the LAX airport, and it left the pap on the ground and in enough pain that the ambulance had to be called. Although Kanye fled the scene, he couldn’t get away from the legal consequences.

As we reported recently, Kanye has reportedly been cleared of catching any felony charges from the attack, and as we wait to see of he will be charged with a misdemeanor, it has just been confirmed by Daniel Ramos’ attorney Gloria Allred at a press conference that the pap has gone forward with filing a lawsuit against Kanye for assault, battery, and interference with Ramos’ civil rights.

His attorney also argued that Kanye’s behavior was praised by some of his peers, and Ramos is a afraid more celebs will begin to attack the paparazzi.

While it’s no word yet how much Kanye will have to fork over, Kanye’s lawyer has already reached out to Gloria Allred.

Ramos also says because of the incident he was stuck with crutches for two weeks and he is currently walking around with a cane because he’s still in pain.


    1. Exactly. He’s an idiot. All he had to do was ignore the damn man. Now he’s doing exactly what the pap wanted to begin with.

    1. True but at this rate, it could hurt his pockets if he keeps doing this. Before this, he just went off on another pap like the month before. It can get expensive easily.

  1. The only way Kanye will learn to keep his hands to himself is if one of those paps whoops his a-s. I’m waiting on the day.

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