Yandy Smith Gives Another Update on Mendeecees (Mandeecees)

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Mendeecees Harris update? It’s no doubt Yandy Smith and her baby daddy Mendeecees (Mandeecees) Harris’ storyline easily became the favorite during season three of “Love and Hip Hop New York.” The couple’s love was tested once some serious legal troubles came into play and although Harris was found not guilty of molestation charges, his fate regarding the felony drug charges he’s been slapped with is still up in the air. As of now, Mendeecees is still in jail, although earlier reports suggested he was found guilty to the felony drug charges. Both Yandy and Harris’ attorney confirmed the reports were false and he was still in jail awaiting his court date.

It hasn’t been an easy time for Yandy, but to get through the day the reality star and business woman says she keeps herself extremely busy with her business ventures. While she has been confirmed to appear on the upcoming season of “Love and Hip Hop New York,” she’s also working on numerous projects and wishing her boo would come home.

Yandy recently interviewed with EURWEB and gave an update on her man and once again confirmed that she plans to continue to support him. She says:

“Mendeecees is still very very involved with me and the children and we’re still together. Right now he is awaiting a bail hearing, an arraignment hearing. He hasn’t gotten any further information yet about anything. So it’s just been a waiting process with that situation.

“I just feel like when you love someone, you stick by their side no matter what they’re going through, when things are great. You’re there when things are not so great. You should be there for them if you love them. Even if I wanted to go somewhere else or move on, I do love him. So I’m going to support as much as I can and do my very best to get him home to his boys.”


  1. I like Yandy but I can’t cosign her getting impregnated and playing wife for a street dude when she is a business owner and college graduate. #shrugs

  2. I like her but i cant help but wonder if he would do the same for her if the situation was reversed! Often times women remain faithful to cheating men who are in jail. Something tells me she is turning down good men to wait for this dude meanwhile he still has a side piece hope i’m wrong

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