Reason Behind Tyrese Fainting in Nightclub Revealed, Singer’s Arm Now in Sling

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Taren Vaughan

Tyrese and band mates Tank and Ginuwine of the R&B group TGT are currently making their rounds to multiple venues and performing for their fans. Unfortunately, one of their recent appearances ended in a rather scary way. During TGT’s appearance at a nightclub in DC, Tyrese fainted while on stage and fell to the floor in the early hours of the morning. Those who were in attendance at the event quickly took to their social media accounts to inform everyone about Tyrese passing out in the club and how scared they were when it all happened. A wave of concern for Tyrese started up as fans were anxious to know how the singer was doing after he fainted. Despite hurting his arm as a result of the fall, Tyrese appears to be feeling better now.

Tank posted a photo on his Instagram account of Tyrese sitting in a chair in a hospital room with his arm in a sling. And in the caption, Tank reveals that Tyrese went almost 32 hours without getting any sleep as he has been overly excited about the “3 Kings” album the group recently put out.

The caption reads:

Early flight.. Walk in to help my bother @tyrese get ready n he’s already thinking past what he’s been through. Answered prayers has our brother back up on his feet…. He went close to 32 hours without sleeping excited about the #3KingsAlbum we try and tell him to chill cause its 3Kings now not just one… Rest is vital to life But #iRespectTheHustle

tyrese arm in sling after passing out in dc nightclub

Tyrese later took to his own IG account and posted a photo of himself standing with Tank with the caption:

I just wanna get to the arms of my little girl #2Kings finally headed home_._|

tyrese arm in sling after passing out in dc nightclub 1

We’re glad to see Tyrese up and about but definitely hope he gets some much needed rest.


  1. Glad he is ok but it is still funny this needs to be the first and the last TGT album. Only person I really like is Tank. Stick to movies Tyrese and Ginuwine can keep being a deadbeat father smh.

  2. I don’t understand why some people think it’s takes no sleep to be successful. You can sleep, just know how to manage your time. Sleep is vital to good health and success.

  3. The album is actually good though. They aren’t young like they used to be, but as long as the music is good, I don’t care.

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