New Sources Claim J. Cole and Diddy Fight Was Actually over Kendrick Lamar

Photo Credit: Facebook
Photo Credit: Facebook

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Rapper J. Cole and Bad Boy Records head honcho P. Diddy have both been accused in the press of getting into an altercation with one another at an after-party for the 2013 Video Music Awards. As we reported recently, multiple media outlets are claiming a scuffle took place between Diddy and J. Cole which led to J. Cole being thrown out of the party. In one report via Page Six, a source tells the publication the stars got into a heated shouting match after J. Cole appeared to be dancing a little too close to Diddy’s girlfriend Cassie. After words were exchanged, the report suggests a shoving match followed, and both entourages had to step in to keep things from getting worse.

However, both Diddy and J. Cole have taken to their Twitter accounts to deny the reports, suggesting there was absolutely no altercation. But new sources are coming forward and are telling Complex Magazine that the two celebrities are lying and something absolutely went down. Interestingly enough, sources tell the publication that it wasn’t over Cassie, but actually over Kendrick Lamar.

If you follow Hip Hop, you may already know that Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole aren’t just peers, they are actually close friends too. Multiple sources tell Complex Diddy was very drunk at the time of the incident, but things popped off because he decided to walk over to Kendrick Lamar (who was next to J. Cole at the time) and confront the Compton emcee over that controversial “Control” verse. Diddy wasn’t too happy with Kendrick calling himself the “King of New York,” so he decided it was best to actually confront him about it at the party.

Sources say Diddy actually tried to throw a drink on Kendrick, but J. Cole intervened and both started to argue which eventually led to their entourages getting involved to break up the screaming match, leading to a brief scuffle between both crews.

Even one of J. Cole’s friends took to Twitter to deny the rapper got beat up or even got kicked out the party (read from top to bottom):

j. cole friend twitter

j. cole friend twitter 2


This account kind of matches up with Diddy’s original tweet suggesting no fight went down, but there was some yelling that took place between him and J. Cole. Complex also claims multiple sources confirm this is what really happened at the party.


  1. You know I did say anyone who got mad over Kendrick’s verse was soft and I’ll be damned if Diddy didn’t just validate my comment.

  2. Now this is sad. Does Diddy not understand how stupid he made himself look? He might well throw on one of those shiny suits and attempt to do the Harlem Shake again. Wack.

  3. Why are all these dudes in their feelings about a damn verse? You would think Kendrick said something about their mommas the way some of them are acting.

  4. Now what kind of grown man pulls a Evelyn Lozada and tries to throw a drink on another man? My gaydar just went off. Cassie girl you better be careful.

  5. This sounds way more believable than that crap about Cassie…. Nine times out of nine, Diddy was probably already drunk or close to it. Stuff goes left with alcohol in the mix. I think that convo could’ve been meant as a joke initially.

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