Chris Brown Shuts Down ‘Today Show’ Interview Questions by Request of Publicist?

Photo Credit: NBC/The Today Show
Photo Credit: NBC/The Today Show

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Chris Brown’s numerous legal troubles have kept him in the headlines ever since he assaulted then girlfriend Rihanna on the night of the 2009 Grammy Awards, but besides being placed on probation for the incident, it appears the whole situation continues to linger over his head considering he remains to be one of the most hated celebrities. Despite all the backlash and negativity, Chris’ fans whom he affectionately refers to as “Team Breezy” have made it clear they still support him, so although he pondered making his upcoming album “X” his last studio album, he’s now decided to keep making music for his very loyal fan base.

With the legal troubles behind him, Chris decided to make another appearance on the “Today Show,” and although he gave some very energized performances, everyone is talking about his rather “non” interview.

Chris is just coming off of another heated Twitter rant in which he slammed rappers, the prosecutors responsible for him being required to redo 1000 of his community service hours and his references to the Piru Street Gang which had most people thinking he had joined. Chris later denied being in a gang, but for very smart reasons he decided not to discuss any of that when Matt Lauer asked him about his habit of ranting on Twitter. When the subject came up, Chris simply told Lauer flat-out he’s only there to discuss his music and to perform. The singer says:

“Uh, it’s not my music. I’m only worried about this extra hour with my fans.”


Tamron Hall even tried to get a little something out of Chris when she asked him about the seizure he had recently and she also got a short answer:

“I’m good, I’m good. Just needed some rest. That’s it.”


Reportedly those behind the scene say Matt Lauer was annoyed that the singer didn’t seem interested in giving an interview or answering any questions, but those in the Hollywood PR circles are claiming it’s obvious Chris was advised by his publicist to only talk about his music considering Chris hasn’t had the best of luck as of late with the media. Simply put, his publicist most likely told him not to volunteer himself into more negative press.

Check out what many are calling an awkward interview below, in addition to his performances. Do you think Breezy did the right thing by dodging the questions? Speak on it below.



  1. Didn’t the last publicist quit? I give this one a few more months. Chris doesn’t listen to anyone. That’s HALF his problem.

  2. He’ll be “above all the negativity” for two days and then he’ll tweet it when the cameras stop rolling. I’m over him and his ratchet ex girlfriend..

  3. Chris gets mad when people ask him questions about the dumb sh-t he does willingly. That’s stupid to me. If you don’t like negative questions, stop doing negative sh-t.

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