Big Sean Says He Doesn’t Know Why He’s Not Considered One of the Best Rappers

Photo Credit: Facebook
Photo Credit: Facebook

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Big Sean got a lot of buzz over his recently leaked track “Control,” but it wasn’t the kind of buzz he had hoped for. Although he feels he released a very dope verse on the track, it was easily outshone by Kendrick Lamar’s verse, considering the Compton emcee not only paid homage to the greats, but he also challenged his peers (Big Sean included), to step up their bars. Kendrick also caused a big fuss with the verse because he referred to himself as the “King of New York,” prompting a lot of New York rappers to hit the studio and record their responses.

Bg Sean recently admitted he refused to redo his verse after hearing Kendrick’s because he feels a real Hip Hop artist doesn’t redo his verse when he’s been outdone on his own track by another emcee. However, he does say that although he thinks Kendrick dropped a dope verse, he’s puzzled as to why he’s not regarded as a “top rapper” by Hip Hop fans, nor does he understand why he’s not being considered one of the best out right now. He tells DJ Whoo Kid:

“I feel like I deserve that. My album could have been way better and I was still finding myself as an artist. So what I’m saying is I don’t know why people don’t consider Big Sean as one of the best rappers when I’ll hop on a song with anybody and I’ll kill it and have a stand out verse.

“I would consider Kanye and Jay Z the best, you consider Drake the best, you consider J. Cole the best when I can hop on a song with him and have a stand out verse and arguably a better verse than them. That’s the point of Hall Of Fame, I wanted to make an album that gives me more leverage.”


In related news, Big Sean’s new album “Hall of Fame” is expected to sell up to 75,000 copies in its first week. It was originally projected it would sell up to 85,000 copies in the first week, but the projections have now slightly decreased.

Check out the interview below:


    1. LOL. Simple, yet true. I think he’s decent but tries too hard to make a hit and underperforms in the lyrics department.

    2. EXACTLY! Kendrick only been hot this last album and people are already calling him one of the best because he’s dope! It’s all about lyrics and knowing how to put together classic albums.

  1. His voice annoys me and how he constantly says “boy” like he’s touched in the head. He’s subpar in my opinion, but he’s not the worst.

  2. Big Sean needs to stay in his lane as a decent rapper if he wants to considered a top rapper step ya game up and stop making gimmicky songs.

  3. This again? How many times is he going to whine about this? People won’t call him one of the best until he drops better bars. He keeps getting killed on his own tracks. Step it up Sean.

  4. Homeboy is corny. He makes too many stupid songs about dumb ish. And for that reason alone people keep overlooking him.

  5. If you listen to his older mixtapes, you’d know he’s actually very nasty on the mic. He just let his desperation to become big get in the way of dropping dope bars. Eventually he’ll get back to it. In the meantime, he can’t see Kendrick and not even Drake.

    1. Agreed. Aside from Drake’s stage presence when he performs live, I think Big Sean would actually be able to get with him lyrically tho….

  6. Nope. Sorry Sean. You’re pretty average in my opinion. Learn how not to get embarrassed on your own songs first.

  7. LOL. Aww he’s still salty about Kendrick’s verse. Bless his heart. I know he got embarrassed, but time to show the world he’s not lame.

  8. He’s aight. Not bad, but not great either. He needs to take Kendrick’s advice and step it up lyrically. I forget about him every time he’s doing a song with other rappers. His verses never stick out to me.

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