LeBron James’ Mom Confirms New Romance with Aspiring Rapper, Criticism Ensues

lebron james mom new boyfriend

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

LeBron James mom new boyfriend an opportunist? LeBron James called himself King James long before he got his first championship ring in the NBA. Although it was a very controversial move and he caught a lot of backlash for it, LeBron James’ move from the Cleveland Cavaliers to the Miami Heat is one of the biggest reasons he can finally call himself a champion. With two championship rings now in his possession, LeBron now sees what it means to be famous in a social media driven age. Not only is his personal life and romance to fiancée and baby mama Savannah Brinson scrutinized, but he also knows how Lamar Odom feels considering he’s also had women claim to the media that he’s not faithful to Savannah. Although LeBron denies the allegations, his denials haven’t managed to make the rumors go away.

When he’s not being accused of stepping out on his high school sweetheart, the NBA star’s mom is also causing him some tabloid friction. Earlier reports suggested Gloria James had a very inappropriate romance with his former teammate Delonte West. Although Gloria denied the rumors, she made headlines once again when she allegedly attacked a parking lot valet. The valet claims she had too many drinks and slapped him, and he would eventually file a lawsuit.

Gloria has been quiet since her run in with the parking valet, but new reports suggest the NBA star’s mom has a new man in her life and it’s a younger man who claims he is also an aspiring rapper.

Gloria revealed her new romance with rapper Da Real Lambo via Instagram, but people are already criticizing their romance because Da Real Lambo snapped a photo of himself rocking one of LeBron’s championship rings like it was his own causing many to speculate he may be only dating Gloria to get in LeBron’s inner circle:

lebron james mom new boyfriend 2


According to the aspiring Miami rapper’s Instagram account, he says LeBron James is his role model and it appears LeBron likes him plenty considering he hangs out with him on a regular basis. We’re not sure how long these two have been dating, but Gloria looks very happy although some people are claiming he posts more photos of him borrowing LeBron’s things than photos of him hanging with her.


  1. LeBron’s mother is pathetic she seems so desperate to be young. From the pictures I seen it looks like he is more interested in the perks but I hope I am wrong. I have to give LeBron credit because he probably knows the guy is no good and is tolerating him only because of his mother.

  2. Well she was never all that smart. I’m not surprised she can’t see she’s being used. Her boo is a LeBron groupie.

  3. Umm yeah, he’s a groupie. Any man with an ounce of dignity would not be wearing another man’s championship ring. Does he even have a real job? Probably not.

  4. LOL this man is a clown. He’s acting like LeBron’s things are his. He obviously only dates Gloria so he can hang around LeBron. I guess LeBron is tolerating it out of respect for him mom tho. I get it, but I can’t say I would do the same.

  5. Gloria is the same woman who was f-cking her son’s teammate and didn’t get not one good damn. I fully expect her to date an unemployed Instagram rapper who is really a groupie for her son.

  6. Gloria can’t see this loser for what he is?! He is not thinking about her, he just wants to fly on LeBron’s private jet.

  7. #DEAD at that fool wearing Bron Bron’s ring. And he has not shame either. He has like 5 pictures of him and a friend wearing that ring. Great job Gloria. LOL.

  8. You have to be less than a man to date a woman for what she can do for you. He looks like a scrub. Like a bum. Gloria needs to get it together.

    1. Gloria didn’t see any red flags because she’s an old fool. She lacks wisdom and common sense, so she gets in ratchet situations like this.

  9. This is for real? Man, I can’t believe LeBron is going for this. I would not let him anywhere near my mom or my family. You can see his intentions aren’t good.

  10. Judging by his pictures it looks like his doesn’t have a job. He just plays dress up with LeBron’s things all day.

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