Tyrese Defeats Ex-Wife in Child Support Battle

Photo Credit: Facebook
Photo Credit: Facebook

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Tyrese and his ex wife battle it out over child support? R&B singer Tyrese has already proven that not only can he do well in music, but he has also managed to become one the few black actors that continues to keep steady work and land roles in blockbuster films. With his recent return to music via his collaboration with Ginuwine and Tank (TGT), things haven’t been so smooth. As we reported recently, one of their performances was so awkward for Ginuwine it had folks thinking he was high on drugs, and then of course just weeks later Tyrese passed out at one of their club appearances which caused him to end up in a sling. Despite all of that, TGT’s album, 3 Kings,” landed the number one sport on the Billboard R&B charts and the number 10 spot on the Billboard 200 chart in its first week out. So despite the rocky start, the group managed to embark on success and prove they still have a reason to make R&B music. However, it’s now being reported that Tyrese may also have yet another reason to celebrate. According to reports, Tyrese just won a child support battle against his ex-wife, as she was requesting that he pay more in child support payments.

TMZ is reporting Tyrese Gibson’s ex-wife Norma Gibson took the actor and singer to court last week in a bid to increase child support payments and claimed she was making the request because Tyrese is an absentee dad and she feels she deserves more money because he allegedly blows off his responsibilities as a father.

However, Tyrese clapped back and showed proof that he has purchased expensive gifts for his daughter Shayla and even forked over the cash for her 300 guests birthday party. Thanks to Tyrese’s proof of dropping lots of money on his daughter, the judge decided to deny Norma’s request for an increase in child support. According to reports, Norma currently gets over $6000 a month in child support, and Tyrese also pays the car and rent payments for Norma’s apartment.

Tyrese made the blogs last week for venting via his Instagram account about his ongoing battle with his ex-wife and wrote a cryptic message warning her that her plans to get even with him through the court could backfire on her. After he announces he’s writing a book, he writes:

Writing my 3rd book called BLACK-ROSE’ here’s a preview.. Thank God she’s too young to understand, Thank God there are still play-dates, friends and fun stuff that she’s always doing that keeps her away from grown up stuff…. My goal as your father is to minimize your exposure to dysfunction cause I can never assume that you are too young to be affected by WHAT’s being said or reading into the energies that they are exposed to… Its true that Deadbeat dads exist I know… Deadbeat mothers are out here too they’re just not as popular… Then we have those fathers who feel as If they are doing their part cause they are paying for everything…. Kids are as real as it gets… If you DON’t have a healthy and consistent relationship with them it will show and they are too young to hide their true feelings…. (( You Ever reach out to grab a child from someone else’s arms and the child give that “Don’t touch me I don’t know you” look?? Lol.. Through it all keep your love consistent and PRAY that your feelings towards your HIM or HER doesn’t start effecting your relationship and interactions with your child… God is watching every move and monitoring your hearts intentions and it might be a party now…. But in the end money or materialistic things can never buy your childs love… I’ve kept my lips sealed but it’s been rough….. REAL MEN and Fathers and single mothers hold your head I’m praying for you and I hope you continue to do the same for me…… My New Book, Double album and 7 part documentary coming all entitled BLACK-ROSE’ coming July 2014…!! My last solo album…… I love you always comment below and please read each-others thoughts and respond…


  1. These women need to stop trying to get even with their exes through child support. $6000 a month is more than enough to take care of your child when you’re not even paying a car payment or your own rent. Bishes be trippin.

  2. Sounds like this is personal. She’s probably still hurt by their divorce. And isn’t this the woman he punched while she was pregnant? Yeah, she’s out for blood.

  3. Man, when people get divorced, it gets so nasty. They have to remember that the kid is the only one that matters. Get out your feelings and be grown. Stop the games.

  4. She’s tripping. Plenty of women wish they had over $6000 a month coming in for child support and an ex paying their car notes and rent. Have a whole stadium of seats Norma.

  5. Yeah, I would’ve sided with Tyrese too. $6,000 a month? If my dad gave me that and paid my bills he could go away if he wanted to lol

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