Tami Roman Calls out Evelyn Lozada & Shaunie O’ Neal for Being Shady

Photo Credit: YouTube
Photo Credit: YouTube

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Tami Roman calls Evelyn fake and Shaunie shady? “Basketball Wives” is back in its fifth season and although some of the original cast members got the axe after season four, Shaunie and crew are hoping the show can survive without them. The two most controversial women of the show, Tami Roman and Evelyn Lozada, are still on the reality show, but it now appears that the tight bond they had season four is heading for trouble. While Evelyn and Shaunie are still very close, Tami appears to be having a hard time getting along with her two friends, and she claims they have turned on her. Tami recently lost her mother to cancer, and she says her mother’s death has made it difficult for her to deal with the drama of “Basketball Wives.”

On the most recent episode, Suzie blames Tami for that awkward conversation she had with newbie Tasha Marbury, and Suzie even claims it was Tami who asked her to ask Tasha about the whole “chef” incident regarding her husband Stephon Marbury.

Tami also isn’t too happy about certain scenes she watched between Evelyn and Shaunie in which they talk about how confrontational Tami can be. At one point they even seem to suggest Tami didn’t show up to Evelyn’s PETA event because she was jealous, but Tami says she was actually tending to her sick mother.

In a video posted by Tami to YouTube, the reality star goes off on her cast mates and slams Shaunie and Evelyn for being shady. She even warns Suzie that she will handle her on the reunion show and threatens her to tell the truth about the conversation with Tasha at the reunion.

Here are the highlights of the video.

On Suzie and the “chef” conversation with Tasha:

“I told Suzie before we went in that woman’s house do not bring up the chef. Don’t talk about it at all, just let the women get to know us. Let us get to know her, let’s just go in here and have a good a-s dinner and leave it at that. But that is not what Suzie did.

“Suzie, I said use the information if she came for us and that is not what was going on at that dinner. So the fact that you chose to open up about your big a*s mouth and bring that up at that woman’s dinner, that is not on me.

“But let me tell you what you are going to do. You’re going to use that same big a*s mouth of yours at the reunion and let everybody know the truth and what I told you to do because you know that I told you not to bring up that chef.”


After breaking down in tears of her mother’s death, Tami then calls out Evelyn and Shaunie and says she now realizes they are shady and will always stick together:

“I don’t care about this Basketball Wives stuff and creating drama and having to just defend myself and speak up for myself week after week. I’m dealing with real stuff. So if people want to continue being shady and make Tami the scapegoat…because y’all gon’ stick together. I see how it is Shaunie and Evelyn, y’all gon’ stick together. I got it. I’m clear on it. But don’t try to make me the heavy week after week because y’all know what I was dealing with in my life.”

Check out the video below:


  1. Oh boo hoo! I never understood why she wanted to be friends with Evelyn anyway! She slept with her husband! You can’t trust the woman who slept with your husband!

  2. While I do feel for her because of her mom passing away, that’s about all the sympathy I have for Tami. She should have jumped shipped with the others. Evelyn and Shaunie are not anyone’s friends. They only look out for self.

  3. Not a single f-ck was given Tami. Sorry girl, you need to either drop the show or just do your job as one of Shaunie’s puppets.

  4. Oh Tami please. You’re fake for trying to turn the skank who slept with your husband into your BFF. I lost a lot of respect for you then.

  5. I always felt Tami was too real for this show but she disappointed me when she became friends with evelyn. That made no sense to me.

  6. NONE of my friends (myself included) are watching this sh-t. I guess they are doing whatever they can to increase the interest of this stale a-s show. Once they said Royce and Jen were gone, I knew it was over.

    1. Don’t tell Shaunie that. She’ll tell you how 3 million of you are tuning in every week. But what she won’t tell you is that she added the 8pm and 10 pm hours together to get those numbers. Meanwhile, LHHATL gets that with each viewing. LOL!

  7. This show is so damn boring. I thought they would just talk about Chad on the first episode, but they talked about him again on the next one. I’m getting the feeling that’s all Evelyn will talk about, so I’m not watching anymore.

  8. Time to walk away Tami. It was never worth it anyway. On your first day, they had your ex husband’s former mistress disrespect you on TV. Shaunie knew the whole time Ev slept with him too. You should have had some dignity and walked away after that.

  9. This is one evil b-tch. Nobody cares that your mother dies. You should have thought about that while you were being evil, fighting women, being 2-faced, attacking women, and every other low scumbag thing you do that makes you who you are. The only women who like you are the trifling ones like you. Get over it, you’re old news and nobody gives a f–k about your mother dying. You’re just evil and you deserve everything you’re going through and then some. The only reason you wanted to be friends with Tasha is because of what she could possibly do for you and your hair weave/nail polish line or whatever it is you’re trying to do. You will always fail until you make amends for all the hateful things you have done to women who didn’t deserve it on the show. You’re just evil and always will be. Now you are reaping what you have sown. NO SYMPATHY HERE WHATSOEVER. She even said the old Tammi is right around the block. She never left the block. You are just an ugly horrible person on the inside and the outside. Nobody gives a f–k what you’re going through. You deserve everything you get and even more. Bully evil ghetto projects fake acting b-tch!

    1. You are wrong! How dare you come at this woman and bring up her mother. A classy woman would never do such a thing. Regardless of what Tami has done, she does not deserve you to come at her sideways about her mom. Grow Up!

    2. You have got to be the most ignorant person commenting on this panel. I am somebody, and most in this instance would agree better than you. How were you born stupid in a test tube? And it’s often times people who have not been raised properly to have issues with the real, but can identify with the trash in the likes of Evelyn , and Shaunie’s undercover a-s. But that’s not even why I am coming at your very ignorant as-, how dare you say nobody cares if a person looses their mother. You should just get the hell lost…

  10. Tami Iran so sorry for your lost second ppl in these comments need to shut the f-ck up t you a real b-tch them some fake a-s bopp hoes that can’t keep a man you made the show the other hoes are wack ok no respect for them my mom has one of her Brest removed due to cancer she’s fighting now dnt no body feel yo pain but yo inner f-ck them other haters they can amount to what u worth. Stay solid whatever u do I am supporting it str8 up

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