Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith’s Rep Clears up the Divorce Talk

Photo Credit: Facebook
Photo Credit: Facebook

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith are always the target of divorce rumors, and we’re thinking that’s mainly because the couple has managed to stay together despite the celebrities around them getting divorces in large numbers. Of course it also doesn’t help that people seem to think Will and Jada have an open marriage, and Jada’s attempts to clear up the rumors haven’t been successful considering her wording was taken as a confirmation of an open marriage instead of a denial. Regardless, Jada says she and Will have learned how to not let the criticism and gossip surrounding their union get to them anymore and they will continue to keep their very close bond. However, those pesky divorce rumors have reared their ugly heads again just days after reports suggested they placed their California home of the last two years on the market and are selling it for a whopping $42 million.

A rep for the couple reached out to the New York Daily News and says the reports are inaccurate:

“This is false. Their home is not on the market.”


However, the rep did not deny reports suggesting that the couple recently sold their Hawaii vacation home.

As we recently told you, we don’t think a couple is necessarily headed for divorce just because they sell away some of their real estate property, and considering how many times Jada and Will have been speculated of heading for divorce, we’re inclined to think just as the previous times, the current gossip is just that…gossip.


  1. Will and Jada will never divorce just because they know people want them to. It’s an ego thing and their need to prove everyone wrong.

    1. Didn’t you get the memo? They divorced then remarried then divorced again then remarried. lol! They’ll be divorcing again on November 11th at approximately 8pm. Followed by an immediate remarriage.

    1. Exactly. I don’t understand why their marriage (or anyone else’s; famous or not) is so important to people.

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