Sean Kingston Says Frank Ocean Started the Fight with Chris Brown

Photo Credit: VLAD TV/YouTube
Photo Credit: VLAD TV/YouTube

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The Chris Brown and Frank Ocean beef eventually led to a pretty crazy parking lot brawl outside of a recording studio in West Hollywood, California; and for a while it looked like Chris Brown would catch charges from the incident. However, in the end Frank Ocean decided against pressing charges against Chris, but he claimed in a police report that Chris called him derogatory names regarding his sexuality.  And when it looked that perhaps the incident was finally behind both singers, Frank dissed him Chris in a song recently and Frank’s cousin filed a lawsuit against Chris holding him accountable for the injuries he suffer during the altercation.

Although both sides of the beef blame each other for the altercation, Chris Brown’s good friend and fellow recording artist Sean Kingston tells VLAD TV that it was actually Frank Ocean who started the parking lot brawl. He explains what he saw go down via the parking lot’s surveillance video from that night and even says he feels a lot of Chris’ drama comes to the singer and he doesn’t necessarily go out looking for trouble contrary to how the media sees him.

Here’s the highlights of the interview.

On how Chris felt after the world learned he assaulted Rihanna, Sean says:

“He felt like he didn’t have nobody in his corner.”


Sean then goes to explain what he saw go down that infamous night between Chris and Frank Ocean:

“A lot of those situations come to Chris. Now why is it Chris Brown? I do not know. Maybe that’s another person, that’s another situation that we have to talk about. But a lot of those situations come to him.

“The Frank Ocean thing in the studio, I was there that was not his fault.

“They played back the camera for me and it was not his fault. He was reaching out trying to give Frank Ocean a dap, Frank Ocean didn’t want to give him back a dap. Frank Ocean was talking sh*t because I guess he had some Crip guys with him or whatever, and that’s what happened.”


Check out the clip below:


  1. It doesn’t matter if Frank said something first or not, Chris refuses to take responsibility for things and always blames other people like the coward he is. I’m sure he threw the first punch too.

    1. You mean kind of like how Rihanna throws the first jabs at Karrueche, Ciara and Beyonce via her weak Instagram shade? Oh…

      1. Rihanna: Your fave is basic!

        But that’s actually what she is when you take away the money and fame. Even her friends are unemployed hoodrats who encourage her to act trashy.

  2. I have always believed Frank Ocean started that parking lot beef just like a queen. I knew he had personal vendetta when Chris gave him a compliment and he turned around and went off on Chris for nothing. Frank Ocean is so overrated its ridiculous.

  3. You Rihanna stans annoy me. You all hate Chris as if he held a gun to Rihanna’s head and forced her to take him back. I don’t get it.

  4. Frank was riding off that wave he got from coming out the closet and felt invincible enough to start that fight. And when he got his a-s whooped, he wanted to cry about it to the media. Whatever.

  5. Oh yeah Drake started fight, Rihanna started fight, Frank started fight, valet started fight, LA district atty started it.Chris is always a victim.Poor Chris.As for Sean defends Chris yet wont defend rape allegations Why? because they are true.If he saw everything why wasnt Frank charged with assault?

    1. Colette, what you don’t understand is Chris is only responsible for his actions and not those who approach, provoke, argue, and fight him. With the Drake fight, the lawyer of the young lady whose head was busted open by a bottle stated that Chris didn’t start the fight between he and Drake. Are you trying to insinuate that she’s lying? With the Frank Ocean fight, there is video proof of what happened hence the reason Frank and his cousin didn’t press charges immediately after it happened. If someone whooped my behind I wouldn’t refuse pressing charges. With Rihanna, it was a mutual fight and that’s by Rihanna’s own admission and implication in her interviews. If you choose to dislike his music and/or character, then that’s fine but don’t be naive to believe anything negative because you don’t like him. Regardless of the cause and the effect, everyone should be held responsible for their actions – verbally or physically – not just Chris.

  6. Colette, regardless of the cause and the effect of each fight, everyone should be held responsible for their OWN actions whether it was verbal or physical – not just Chris. With the fight between him and Rihanna, she was the victim and Chris never blamed her for his wrongdoing (cheating and hitting her). As for the Drake incident, the lawyer of the young lady whose head was busted open by a bottle has stated, on her behalf, that Chris DID NOT start that fight and protected his client. So, you can’t assume Chris was responsible for the melee at the club that resulted in his own injury as well as injuries of others when he isn’t. With the fight with Frank Ocean, there is video evidence of the fight between them and their entourage, so we can’t say who caused it without looking at the evidence. Since Frank and his cousin refused to press charges immediately after the incident, it might not have been that big of a deal. Lastly, with the valet company Chris has explained this in an interview with radio host Big Boy. Chris stated that the valet parking fee per vehicle is $10 and they had two cars, so he gave the valet $100. But, when he and his entourage came out of the restaurant to pick up their cars, the valet charged an additional $10. Although Chris should have NEVER reacted the way he did, the valet company is known for overcharging people and shouldn’t have done so. Now Colette, if you choose to dislike Chris character and/or music, then that’s fine and I respect that; but, don’t be so naive to believe anything negative about Chris because you don’t like him. Call a spade a spade when wrongdoing is done.

  7. I can believe that Frank started this fight. I do feel like Chris needs anger management and/or therapy, but I also think people do target him because of his past and because the know the media will not take his side regardless.

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