Lamar Odom Only Stayed in Rehab for a Day

Photo Credit: Facebook
Photo Credit: Facebook

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

And the controversy surrounding Lamar Odom’s alleged substance abuse issue continues. As we recently reported, the NBA Free Agent is reportedly battling a serious drug problem, and the alleged addiction is what sources close to the Kardashian clan are claiming is pretty much what caused Khloe and Lamar’s marriage to go sour. There are conflicting reports out there just alone on what Lamar is addicted to, and although it’s been speculated it’s crack while some reports cite prescription pills and c*caine; Lamar’s camp isn’t talking. It also didn’t help that amid the substance abuse allegations Lamar was actually arrested for DUI, and it’s being reported the DUI is what made Khloe give him an ultimatum. Those close to the Kardashian family claim Khloe told Lamar he had to leave their home and cannot return until he completes a rehab program, and an earlier report from PEOPLE suggested he actually did check himself into rehab. But the next day TMZ published a report suggesting Lamar was not in rehab and the Kardashian clan is telling the media they have no idea where he is as he hasn’t been in contact with Khloe.

Now E! News is reporting that Lamar really did check himself into rehab but he left the very next day. The network which serves as home to the Kardashian reality shows is claiming Lamar didn’t even stay at the facility a full 24 hours before checking himself right back out. As of now, insiders are saying Khloe still hasn’t heard from him either.


  1. Just sad. It’s obvious Lamar doesn’t want help right now. That’s why the K’s should have kept all this in the family. You don’t throw an addict under the bus. Ever.

  2. Khloe just needs to cut her losses and file for a divorce. He does not want to stop doing drugs and she can’t stay married to an addict. I’m sure Pimp Kris will find her a new athlete in no time.

  3. SMH. This just gets worse by the day. It’s crazy because the way Khloe and Lamar have fronted so hard like they were so happy and perfect, you would have never known this has been going on for 2 years.

  4. He’s not calling Khloe because he feels like her and her family threw him under a bus. And they did. I’m sure he doesn’t trust them anymore. This is something they didn’t need to tell TMZ about.

  5. I’m going to feel some kind of way if all of this is just a stunt to keep that damn family relevant for another 15 minutes.

  6. Something about this story just doesn’t add up. Yeah he had a problem with weed, but now they’re saying he’s a crack head. WTH? Sense when? So when Khloe married him he was on crack? And Kris let that happen? I’m calling BS. How is he able to be so high functioning but allegedly been doing hard-core drugs this whole time?? That doesn’t make sense.

    I bet, him and Khloe are unhappy and in the process of a divorce, and Kris is spinning this story to make sure her daughter comes out of this looking like the better person. Look at the sources.. E!… TMZ… all of those sources are in the back pocket of Ryan Seacrest AND Kris Jenner….. Nah… Lamar is sick of that family and Kris is trying to ruin him to make him pay!> Watch what I tell y’all

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