Bruno Mars Nabs Super Bowl Halftime Show?

Photo Credit: Facebook
Photo Credit: Facebook

By: Taren Vaughan

A Bruno Mars Super Bowl halftime show set for next year? Last year’s Super Bowl game was a highly anticipated event as the Baltimore Ravens faced the San Francisco 49ers. The Ravens were hoping to snag a victory for the team’s veteran linebacker Ray Lewis before he bid his final farewell as professional football player and they were able to do so as they emerged champions for the second time in franchise history.

The Super Bowl game itself is enough to get sports fanatics riled up as they join their family and friends in bars, clubs and houses to watch the game. At the same time, we all know the halftime shows can have the same kind of effect on people too. Beyonce was the source of entertainment last year as she headlined the 2013 Super Bowl halftime show. The very moment the superstar singer took the stage, the BeyHive went crazy as their fave put on one incredible show that is said to be one of the best SB halftime performances to date. Bey’s performance included a special onstage Destiny’s Child reunion and received praise from the First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama.

Football season has just started up again and people are already anxious to find out who the headliner will be for the Super Bowl halftime show next year. From what has been revealed so far, the very talented Bruno Mars is the chosen one as the singer is expected to perform for the halftime show scheduled for next February, the Los Angeles Times reports. At this time, the NFL nor Fox have confirmed Bruno Mars as the headliner for the 2014 Super Bowl halftime show. It’s being said that an official announcement could be made this Sunday.



  1. I went to his Moonshine Jungle Tour concert in August and that was the best concert I’ve EVER been to. Bruno is so talented. I haven’t watched a half-time show since Janet Jackson. I’ll definitely tune in for Bruno Mars!

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