Gucci Mane Drags Nicki Minaj, Ciara, Tiny & More on Twitter

Photo Credit: Twitter
Photo Credit: Twitter

By: Taren Vaughan

The Gucci Mane Twitter rant continues as the rapper takes aim at other entertainers in the industry again. Rapper Gucci Mane doesn’t mind letting people know exactly how he feels about them. The rapper’s beef with Young Jeezy is a well known one that stems back some years ago. Gucci and Young Jeezy both made it clear that they will probably never be cool. Gucci’s relationship with Waka Flocka Flame has now turned sour over Waka’s status with Brick Squad. And they recently traded insults with each other on Twitter. And now Gucci is coming for more than just Waka Flocka. Gucci Mane went on a Twitter rampage and fired massive shots at a slew of rappers and singers. Gucci started things out by calling out 2 Chainz over the robbery incident he was involved in a few months ago. And while slamming Young Jeezy, T.I., Yo Gotti, Waka, Nicki, Drake and a number of others, Gucci claims people in the industry have hidden agendas and aren’t keeping it real (Read from bottom to top):

gucci mane twitter rant 1

Nicki Minaj became one of the main targets of Gucci’s first set of tweets as he claimed he and Waka slept with Nicki and says he pulled Nicki off Lil Wayne’s bus. Gucci Mane going in on Nicki Minaj doesn’t come as a surprise to many people who remember the previous comments Gucci made about Nicki being disloyal after she parted ways with Deb Antney in an interview. However, Gucci didn’t stop at making claims of sleeping with Nicki as he also suggests he allegedly slept with Ciara, Tyga’s baby mama Blac Chyna and Monica. He also implied some things about rapper Iggy Azalea (Read from bottom to top):

gucci mane twitter rant 3

Gucci also calls out Fantasia over allegedly getting freaky with him and he wraps up this portion of his rant up by claiming he is sleeping with Young Jeezy’s current boo and says he wants to sleep with T.I.’s wife Tiny along with taking shots at Tiny’s looks (Read from bottom to top):

gucci mane twitter rant 4

Finding Gucci Mane’s Twitter rant to be pathetic, Nicki Minaj responded with a few tweets of her own and says she would never sleep with Gucci. Nicki also says the real reason Gucci is going off is because she and Tyga shot down Gucci’s feature request (Read from bottom to top):


gucci mane twitter rant 5

Nicki’s YMCMB label mate Tyga had a few words for Gucci too and fired his own shots at the rapper (Read from bottom to top):


gucci mane twitter rant 7

T.I. also responded to Gucci’s rant and says only a fool would do what Gucci is doing for publicity:


gucci mane twitter rant 8



  1. I think he does this once a week now. If people stopped giving him attention, just maybe we will finally be rid of him. I never got the hype anyway.

  2. Lies. He ain’t smashing nobody. He would have to lift up his gut to even get close to a vag with his pregnant a-s. Gucci got the belly of a middle aged man. Gross.

  3. Please throw this fool under the jail. His music sucks, he pushed a woman out of a moving car, and attacked a soldier for asking for a picture. He’s a POS.

  4. Gucci looks like he has to take multiple breaks when he has sex. He’s probably out of breath in the first few seconds. LOL.

  5. Gucci must be smoking crack with Lamar Odom. These tweets will get him handled in the streets. He burning bridges by the day.

    1. The way you wrote your comment HMMM it sounds funny to me because these tweets are actually making sense..and when have we known Gucci to sound so articulate..Im sorry I think his page was hacked. JS

  6. Yeah, I was reading the pathetic rant he went on earlier. Well attempting to read it. He should pick up a dictionary before taking shots at other people. Nicki tweeted that he looked like an upset stomach, I almost died laughing

  7. Gucci is talking all this smack yet aint nobody looking for him in the music industry. Gucci is about as relevant as his dead clothing line. As a gay feminine guy I wasn’t even attracted to the flamboyant colors of his clothing line. Once selling for over $300 now going for $30 at Cititrends. You have no achievements, relevance, nor awards at least Nicki can say she manage to get a few VMAs and Bet Awards.

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