Draya Says She’s Terrified of People’s Obsession with Her Son

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Taren Vaughan

The Draya bad mother accusations have been brought up several times as the reality TV star’s parenting skills have remained in question. Draya Michele is one of the biggest stars of the “Basketball Wives LA” cast and has gained a lot of exposure from being on the reality show. Although Draya has been deemed as one of the stars of the show, the reality star’s parenting skills have been brutally criticized as Draya has been accused of of being a bad mother to her son. Draya took a moment to speak on the rumors of her being an unfit parent during her appearance on 106 & Park. And to slightly silence her critics, Draya revealed that she reunited with her son not too long ago as he moved in with her in L.A. Draya’s bond with her son is growing stronger and her love life is looking pretty great as well as Draya confirmed she’s dating Dallas Cowboys cornerback Orlando Scandrick by showing up as his date for the 2013 ESPY Awards. To prove that their relationship is the real deal despite skeptics’ opinions of the union, Draya revealed via Instagram how great things are still going between she and Orlando.

During an interview she recently did with Vibe Vixen, Draya talked about her current relationship with Orlando and reveals how they met each other. She also says things are still going great between them and she couldn’t be happier:

“We actually met through a mutual friend and we’ve been dating for about five months now, but we just decided to make it public.

“Things are going great, I can’t complain, I’m probably the happiest I’ve ever been in my life.”

Draya also speaks on how she feels about living her life in the public eye. And the reality star says she tries to keep her family out of the limelight because she is very protective over them and is terrified at how obsessed people are with her son:

“I just want people to know that Instagram is just a small fraction of my life. It’s pictures that I select to go up there and you know there are some things in my life that I like to keep private. There are people that inquire so much about my family and as a mother that is a very scary thing so I have to protect my family and keep them a little out of the limelight just because they’re so in demand. When people say “well where’s your son? Where’s your son? Where’s son?” it has the opposite effect on me, instead of making me actually want to post my son, it puts a slight fear in me like why are you guys so obsessed with my son? That would scare any parent for strangers to be so concerned for their child. I just need people to know that I keep it private.”


  1. I don’t know if people are obsessed, but as soon as that story came out is when she should have nipped everything in the bud. But I’m sure people bring it up so much because they know it gets to her.

  2. She shouldn’t take people too seriously. With social media people are bound to approach you with more negativity no matter what you do. Glad she’s happy with her new boo tho.

  3. She’s happy now until her boo starts cheating like most athletes do. I don’t know why women keep volunteering themselves for that kind of drama. Oh wait, for the money that’s right.

  4. People will never forget that police report that popped up online saying she left her kid starving with nothing but a TV dinner and a dirty home. She says it’s not true but the report looked legit.

  5. I think a lot of people are just jealous of Draya. She’s gorgeous, hangs with famous people and makes more money than most. Then she dates famous men. Keep hating.

      1. Thank you. I swear reality stars have single handily ruined this country. They have lowered the standards of our entire society.

    1. Are you kidding me hating on her. If anything she disgusts me not only as a woman but as a human being. Case in point she was clowning teachers a couple of months ago. Yes teachers! Bragging that she makes more money in the club then teachers make in a year. The same teachers that probably are teaching her son more then she is but I digress. Money ain’t sh-t when you making a difference in a child’s life. You people really need to check your fave character issues and what they about before you call yourself riding for idiots.

    2. LOL. This has to be the dumbest thing I’ve read all day. There’s nothing wrong with liking Draya but please don’t act like she’s accomplished a lot out of life. She’s on Basketball Wives for Christ’s sake.

  6. Love her! And people do need to get off her nuts. She a great mom and spends time with her son a lot. Just because she doesn’t post it on IG doesn’t mean she isn’t.

    1. Hmmm so you know she spends a lot of time with her son? I didn’t realize you were her personal friend or babysitter…oh wait…

  7. Oh whatever. She’s the one that left her son to starve because she wanted to go to the club. She spends more time being a famewhore than being a mother! She deserves all the hate she gets.

  8. I don’t think its an obsession I guess she forgot she was brought up on child endangerment charges. I never thought it was fake she is not that important for someone to try to sabotage her like she claimed. Then when all else failed he tried to blame CB. Bottom line anybody who abandons their child has character issues and can’t be trusted.

  9. People keep asking about her son because we want to make sure he’s not left alone hungry and eating ice cubes while his momma makes another club appearance.

  10. I think I’d respect Draya more if she just owned up to what happened. This whole “it was fake” thing isn’t fooling me. Don’t insult my intelligence.

  11. I’m getting tired of people being extra thirsty for fame and the spotlight, then they can’t handle it when they get it. She should be happy she gets paid simply to show up at a club, she has a man (albeit a famous athlete), and she now has custody of her son. Yet you get to vibe and complain about one small aspect of your life that isn’t going the way you want it. I doubt it ever will.

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