Gucci Mane’s Alleged Twitter Rant a Result of Getting Dropped by Record Label?

Photo Credit: Facebook
Photo Credit: Facebook

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Rapper Gucci Mane has been making headlines not for his music these days but because of his multiple beefs with other artists and his numerous legal issues. Just weeks before the rapper finds out his fate after he assaulted a US soldier for asking for a photo, the rapper is now in the news because of his bizarre series of tweets for the last 24 hours. As we reported recently, Gucci has allegedly been tweeting and going off on a number of artists including Nicki Minaj, Tyga, Ciara, Fantasia, T.I. and Drake to name several. And the rapper went for the jugular as he called T.I.’s wife Tiny ugly, accused Nicki Minaj of being an industry tramp who had to sleep around to get on (he also claimed he slept with her) and then he even went so far as to claim that Ciara slept with him while she was dating 50 Cent.

Nicki and Tyga responded immediately to the jabs and both posted screenshots of Gucci allegedly asking to do a song together via text messages just a few days before the rant. After suggesting the tweets were just because Gucci was salty they turned down his offer to collaborate,  Nicki also accused Gucci of being on drugs.

Ciara also responded to Gucci’s scandalous accusations and she claimed the idea of sleeping with the rapper is just “gross.” Regardless of friends of the Georgia rapper claiming his Twitter account was hacked, a new report is suggesting if the tweets really did come for Gucci and he wasn’t hacked, he’s most likely tweeting so recklessly because he’s upset he was dropped by Atlantic Records.

A source who used to work for the label tells the Fader he is no longer on the label. Interestingly enough, his own artist turned nemesis Waka Flocka is still on the label, while Gucci isn’t even listed on the label’s website anymore. While the source says they aren’t sure why Gucci is no longer on Atlantic or when he was dropped, they did tell the site based off his recent behavior on Twitter, they can understand why the label has severed ties.


  1. When attention whoring goes wrong. I think with him getting in all that legal trouble and acting crazy on Twitter the label probably felt like there wasn’t a reason to keep him around. It’s not like he sells a whole bunch of albums anyway.

  2. Now it’s adding up. Old Gucci Mane is jealous he lost his deal. Well he shouldn’t be burning bridges if he wants to keep his music career.

  3. Well he could go independent. But if he’s going to keep acting a fool on Twitter he might as well hang it up. He’s burning way too many bridges.

  4. So white folks have Amanda Bynes, black folks have Gucci Mane. Both are a hot mess. Gucci needs some serious help like yesterday. Stay off twitter Gucci. Get a hobby, rapping d*mn sure aint working.

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