Lamar Odom Denies Substance Abuse

Photo Credit: TMZ
Photo Credit: TMZ

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The media has been making some pretty outrageous claims regarding the troubled marriage between Lamar Odom and his wife Khloe Kardashian, and for the last couple of weeks it’s been reported that the real cause of the couple’s demise is Lamar is allegedly suffering from drug addiction. With conflicting reports on just what the NBA Free Agent is allegedly addicted to, the most frequent reports suggest he’s on crack while others cite prescription pills and c*caine. Although two women have spoken up in the last several months and claimed they had an affair with Lamar, those close to Khloe have reportedly told the media that Lamar’s alleged refusal to go to rehab might eventually put an end to the marriage.

Despite all of the conflicting headlines, Lamar’s camp has been pretty mum on the accusations. Although Lamar’s agent did let the media know the basketball player was never missing and his wife has always known his whereabouts; no one in Lamar’s camp has confirmed or denied that he is on drugs.

However, a general manager of the NBA says Lamar’s career is pretty much over considering not only is he allegedly battling substance abuse but he also recently got arrested for DUI. Despite the reports, Lamar is finally talking for the first time since the allegations have been rampant and he denies that he is on drugs. He tells a TMZ pap when asked if he has a drug problem:

“Nah, man.”


He also denied that he needs professional help. Although reports claim Lamar hasn’t spoken to Khloe in days, the basketball player denied the reports and told the pap when asked if he’s spoken to Khloe:

“That’s my wife. Of course. [laughs].”


He also said he loves his fans and “life is good.”


  1. He probably isn’t on drugs and those dirty Kardashians are just trying to ruin him for cheating on Khloe. #smearcampaign

    1. Nah. I can’t stand the K’s but this right here is the talking of an addict. He’s in denial like hell which means he is addicted.

  2. Sadly, I don’t believe him. He’s probably like most addicts and thinks he can stop whenever he wants and doesn’t have a problem.

  3. So this just confirmed to me that he’s on drugs. He doesn’t think he needs help and he doesn’t even think his life is falling apart. “Life is good?” How Lamar?!

  4. Khloe just needs to go ahead and file those divorce papers. He doesn’t even think he has a problem. This marriage is over.

  5. Until he admits & wants help, all efforts to help him are useless…..DENIAL IS NOT GOOD…..HOPING HE GETS IT TOGETHER…..PRAYER

  6. its kind of sad when something is said in the media about someone and then all of a sudden people want to start coming out the a-s about how they witnessed it and they knew and all this other stuff just to include there messiness, my thing is i dont think that man is on drugs i think that there is something else going on with him and sometimes when you stressed and you feel like everybody is against you. honestly you feel like you just dont want to deal with it and you let people think what that may.. at the end of the day the same people that was there and witnessing it if he is on drugs really didnt care bc if they did then they would of been tried to help or whatever and been of some support instead they want to wait until they could get there minutes in of fame and down this man… I JUST THINK ITS SO STUPID !!!

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