Kanye West Gets Drunk & Rants About Sellouts, Takes Shots at Drake?

Photo Credit: Facebook
Photo Credit: Facebook

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kanye is fresh from dissing Ray J for humiliating his baby mama Kim Kardashian and it didn’t take him long to make headlines once again for having yet another rant. The “Yeezus” rapper is said by industry insiders to not be pleased with the commercial performance of his latest album, and some say his ego is damaged by the mere thought that his album was outsold by J. Cole’s “Born Sinner.” However, Kanye doesn’t seem too stressed to us as he was photographed all smiles during New York Fashion Week and he just professed his love for Kim and his daughter North West on Kris Jenner’s possibly short-lived talk show. Kanye is no stranger to rants, and it appears he went on another one last night after drinking a little too much alcohol as he attended the listening party for Pusha-T’s upcoming album “My Name Is My Name.”

Kanye decided to praise Pusha’s latest album and slammed “sellouts” in the process. He says via Miss Info:

Aye yo this Yeezy right now speaking to y’all. This the heart of the muthaf–king city, act y’all ain’t have that muthaf–king Clipse album and sh-t. Act like y’all ain’t base y’all whole sh-t, whole lifestyle off this n—a Pusha T. Everything is Pusha T. Pyrex Vision, that’s Pusha T. Fear of God, that’s Pusha T. This n—a the heart of the muthaf–king culture for you culture vultures. This the only n—a spitting that wild muthaf–king hip-hop sh-t right now, that’s why I stand next to this n—a. I don’t give a f–k about none of these corporations, none of these f–king sellouts, this muthaf–king Pusha T. This is the f–k we make. We make good music, we make good music. We don’t give a f–k about how much god d–n money you make, we make good music.

I’m a [admit I’m a little] off that Goose right now, I might get loose right now. We don’t give a f–k…..we don’t give a f–k. N—a this is that culture. This is that culture….for everybody stealing the culture, for all n—as trying to do their camo prints at MAGIC this is for f–king Pusha T.

All these n—s trying to extend their muthaf–king t-shirts, trying to throw numbers on the back of their sh-t….this muthaf–king Pusha T. “I have a t-shirt line, cause I got numbers at the back of my sh-t,” F–k you.

This DONDA, this [art director and photographer] Matt Williams, this [creative director and Been Trill boss] Virgil Abloh, this Ferris Bueller, this is muthaf–king Pusha T. I’m done.


Some people tend to think he may have thrown some jabs at Drake, who recently showed Kanye tons of love in an interview with Billboard. Here’s the line many feel was just for Drake:

All these n—s trying to extend their muthaf–king t-shirts, trying to throw numbers on the back of their sh-t….this muthaf–king Pusha T. “I have a t-shirt line, cause I got numbers at the back of my sh-t,” F–k you.


Interestingly enough, Drake has been rocking t-shirts via Instagram with the number 24 on the back in an attempt to promote his new album “Nothing Was the Same” which drops on September 24:

drake t shirt


Shade or nah?


Check out the rant below:


  1. The nerve of Kanye to call anyone a sellout when he sold his own daughter out to save Kris Jenner’s flop talk show. He is a walking contradiction and he was just smiling all in Drake’s face like last week. He’s just as phony as his girlfriend’s a-s.

  2. What a douche bag. The most annoying thing is his stans call this passion but I just call this being an douche bag. If he’s so passionate like his stans claim, why was his last album pure trash? Go away Kanye. Please and take Kim and her whole fam with you. They got poor Lamar smoking crack. Ugh.

  3. Kanye is a walking contradiction he goes in on sellouts and corporate america but what is he doing selling walmart type shirts for 200 dollars just because his name is attached to it that’s BUSINESS. Pusha T is a lackluster rapper so he can miss me with the rest of that BS Kanye.

  4. So is he not a sellout for that shoe deal with Nike? Or visiting the Apple headquarters? Or showing North’s picture on Kris’ show to help her ratings? Oh…

  5. For the love of God can someone just walk up to Kanye and slap the pure sh-t out of him. The whole world would be thankful.

  6. Kanye is desperate and very transparent here. He wants a bump in album sales and he thinks all these stunts will do it. He’s severely mistaken.

  7. This negro is calling other people sellouts when he’s shacked up with the Kardashians. He want from College Dropout to pathetic famewhore. So sad. LOL.

  8. It’s definitely shade to Drake. The funny thing is Kanye spent way more money to promote his terrible Yeezus album and it still flopped. Drake will sell more than him the first week. Bet on that.

  9. A hot mess is what Kanye is. It’s sad because he used to be talented. Now he’ll do anything for attention. Maybe Kim is rubbing off on him.

  10. His trashy baby mama isn’t getting enough attention with her planted stories so he decided to “rant” again. They are so pathetic.

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