‘Scandal’ Star Columbus Short is Getting a Divorce

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Columbus Short wife files for divorce? With the rapid success of ABC’s hit show “Scandal,” it’s no surprise that the stars of the show themselves have become more vulnerable to the public and sometimes caught up in scandals of their own. Although the show’s success is warranted and it even landed Kerry Washington her very first Emmy nomination, we’re sure Kerry and the rest of her costars are finding out sooner than later that with more fame can come some pretty unwanted drama, and in most cases, more eyes on your private life. Kerry has stated on numerous occasions that she wants to keep her private life to herself but it was later confirmed that she secretly wed San Francisco 49ers player Nnamdi Asomugha. Although most were elated to hear about Kerry’s new nuptials, a nasty rumor has been spreading around on the web suggesting the actress is faking her marriage for publicity. With a little digging, we were able to confirm the rumor doesn’t contain any truth and it’s looking as if someone is trying to deliberately smear Kerry’s reputation for unknown reasons. While her costar Columbus Short isn’t exactly in the same predicament, he also has a bit of bad news in his own life as it has just been confirmed the actor is getting a divorce just months after it has been confirmed that his costar Kerry just got hitched.

Radar Online was able to dig up paperwork filed for the divorce and the website is reporting Columbus’ wife Tuere was the one who filed the paperwork on September 11. His wife is seeking sole legal and physical custody of their 19 month old daughter Ayala and she claims in the paperwork that they have been separated since September 9, 2013.

Tuere is also requesting that Columbus pays her legal fees and she also wants spousal support. The couple married in 2005.


  1. I hate to hear this because divorce has really become an epidemic in this country. Oh well. Hopefully the divorce won’t get so messy.

  2. I follow him on Instagram and I have never seen his wife. I didn’t know he was married and I’m assuming a lot of people didn’t know. Maybe that’s the problem.

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