Ciara Starts Working on New Album

Photo Credi: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer Ciara has stated in interviews that it’s her resilience that keeps her in the music business and even though her career started off with a bang with her debut album “Goodies,” the singer has been having a hard time duplicating that massive success with the last couple of albums. It’s no doubt Ciara can rock a stage with the best of them and most can agree she can put on a great show for her fans. But even with a hit like “Body Party,” Ciara was not able to make her latest album “Ciara” break the funk she’s been in for a while when it comes to album sales.

R&B may be struggling as a whole when it comes to today’s music genres, but reality stars Tamar Braxton and K. Michelle have both had great first week sales for their latest albums, and both easily beat Ciara in first week album sales.

Ciara isn’t the only established R&B singer having trouble selling albums, even Kelly Rowland’s latest album “Talk a Good Game” struggled but it’s been confirmed that she will re-release the album with new tracks sometime this year. Ciara may not be re-releasing her latest album, but producer Mike Will said in his recent interview with the Breakfast Club that she plans to come back hard with a new album and she’s already been recording. Mike Will even says he’s been producing some of the music she’s recorded so far which is expected to be on her next album. He says:

“Body Party won… Her next album is gonna be crazy. We’re already working on it.”

Some wondered if Ciara would be getting dropped from her label due to dismal sales, but it appears her success with “Body Party” has secured trust from LA Reid and they are already focused on her next album.


  1. Her last album flopped because the music wasn’t good enough. She also has to make music that can cross over. She needs to take Rihanna’s rout and get away from R&B. Their vocals aren’t strong enough for R&B anyway.

  2. I wish her the best of luck. But if she doesn’t come harder next time, I think that’s it for her. There are newer artists selling more albums. She has to step it up.

  3. Ciara’s real friends need to tell her it’s over and she needs to just let it go. She can model or become Future’s 10th baby mama.

  4. She has to generate more fans point blank. She can make another 20 albums but if no one buys them what is the use. She is only good at making a lucky hit single. No luck at a whole album. Not a fan of hers, but i gonna sit back and watch.

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