Mary J. Blige Catches Big Break, Reaches Settlement with Bank over Loan Debt

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Taren Vaughan

Mary J Blige money woes lessen? Legendary R&B/Soul singer Mary J. Blige’s financial status has been in question for quite some time now and it appeared to be getting worse instead of better.  As we previously reported, the singer’s non-profit organization faced some serious issues over bank loans that were taken out for the charity. In addition to Mary J. Blige getting hit with hefty lawsuits for allegedly defaulting on several bank loans she took out for her organization, she also went from facing a $900,000 tax lien to now reportedly owing millions in back taxes. To add to her legal troubles, Mary faced another lawsuit for allegedly cancelling a concert she was scheduled to do in December of last year.

Many of Mary’s fans don’t place the blame solely on the singer though when it comes to her issues with money as they feel her hubby and manager Kendu Isaacs is a one of the reasons why Mary has been suffering financially. Regardless, her fans have expressed concern about the status of the singer’s bank account and hope she can bounce back from it all. Well it looks like MJB may be on the verge of tackling her money problems as the money the singer is catching a huge break when it comes to her massive loan debt.

TMZ is reporting that TD Bank has reached a settlement with Mary J.’s Blige non-profit organization. According to the settlement, Mary’s charity only has to fork over $125,ooo instead of the $322,000 that was owed after the organization defaulted on a $250,000 loan. Mary’s organization will be paying back $15,000 right away and will take care of the remaining balance in 12 payments of $9,166.




  1. I’m sorry ain’t no way in hell Mary J. Blige suppose making settlements due to debt she has made too much money. She has a great catalog and she is always releasing new music she better start watching her finances more closely.

  2. Real talk Mary career ain’t been right since Kendu started managing her. I knew it was a wrap after she did that Burger King commercial. Damn shame what he’s done to her career.

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