Rapper Iggy Azalea Claims Miley Cyrus Stole Twerking from Her

Photo Credit: Instagram/Urban Belle
Photo Credit: Instagram/Urban Belle

By: Taren Vaughan

Iggy Azalea twerking routine jacked by Miley Cyrus? Miley Cyrus has been consistently receiving press, and backlash at the same time, as the young singer has become obsessed with twerking. Miley’s new found image hasn’t been received well by those who remember her “Hannah Montana” days. Miley Cyrus has been called out on numerous occasions by those who feel like she is misappropriating black culture with the way she carries herself and doing it all for attention. And now that she is trying her hand at rapping, Miley is most definitely getting the side eye from a certain female rapper who seemingly shaded Miley over her attempt to spit some lyrics in Mike Will’s new music video “23.”

All the criticism Miley Cyrus has been hit with hasn’t stopped her from moving forward with her music career, although she claimed we won’t be catching her twerking with her tongue out during future performances. As a number of fellow artists in the music industry are continuing to co-sign Miley Cyrus’ dance moves, rapper Iggy Azalea doesn’t seem to be impressed with Miley’s twerking in the slightest bit. In fact, Iggy feels like Miley stole twerking from her.

Covering PAPER Magazine, Iggy Azalea tells the publication that she has been twerking for years. And she says Miley Cyrus probably peeped a few of her videos on the Internet and decided to take a stab at it:

“I’ve been doing that onstage for two-and-a-half years. She probably f*cking watched my videos online and decided to try it.”

Check out the cover below:

iggy azalea twerking miley cyrus

Thoughts on Iggy Azalea saying Miley Cyrus stole twerking from her?


  1. LOL. Iggy is talking like she invented twerking. She stole the concept from YouTube just like Miley did. This is why Iggy’s career won’t pop off. She’s a delusional and arrogant chick in her interviews.

  2. I hate that this is what music has come to. Neither Miley or Iggy are original in any way. They shouldn’t take credit for anything they do.

  3. Why did TI sign this bish? I don’t get it at all. She can’t rap and she’s cocky for no reason at all.

  4. Miley probably doesn’t even know who Iggy is. Most people don’t. She talks too much when she should be in the studio. She’s not even a one hit wonder.

  5. I am so sick of these industry chicks feeling themselves. Iggy is DELUSIONAL .No one can steal what was never yours. How can Miley steal what was never Iggy’s in the first place. Not only did neither of these chicks invent a damn thing, but what they’re doing is far from twerking. Like I said before DJ Jubilee from the NO is the true originator. Iggy is proving what Wendy Williams just said was correct.

      1. Lol no I’m just from the south just have a lot of family from Louisiana my mom is creole. But they played DJ Jubilee all through the south on the radio. I just remember family reunions and my older cousins blasting DJ Jubilee Get it ready,ready and back that thang up (not the juvenile version) and doing real twerking. I was young but I still remember and have a enough sense to know Miley nor Iggy deserve any credit for twerking.

  6. Although we should not be bragging too much about it either, but don’t you need a lot of rear-end for that……please. They both need to get over themselves.

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