Instagram Tea: Mandeecees (Mendeecees) Gets a Bail Hearing & LHHNY Season 4 Gets Premiere Date

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Mandeecees jail time ending soon? Mandeecees (Mendeecees) Harris and his relationship with Yandy Smith was one of the main story lines season three of “Love and Hip Hop New York.” Although many fans of the show found themselves rooting for the happy couple, in the end their relationship was tested after Mandeecees was locked up due to drug charges and a molestation charge he was later found not guilty of. Yandy has made it clear in recent interviews that it’s been tough to raise their son with him in prison, but she’s managed to keep herself busy so the pain won’t hurt as much.

There’s also been conflicting reports on just what’s going on with Yandy’s boo and even his attorney had to shoot down reports suggesting he had been found guilty of the federal drug charges.

Interestingly enough, his good friend rapper Cam’ron recently took to his Instagram account to update supporters, and he claims Mandeecees just got a bail hearing date. He posted the following:

mandeecees jail time

We’re not sure if this is accurate or even what the date is as of yet, so we’ll keep you posted as more information is confirmed.

In related news, LHHNY star Tahiry Jose just confirmed on her Instagram account that season four of the show is on its way. In fact, she told her fans that season four is set to premiere on October 28. She posted the following:

tahiry season four lhhny

Now there have been rumors suggesting some of the cast won’t be returning, but we’re sure the cast for season four will be confirmed from the network soon since the show returns this month. We also heard a trailer will be dropping tonight at 8pm, and we’ll post it as soon as it’s available.


    1. Don’t feel too bad. She knew he was a street dude. She liked that about him. Some women think thugs are cute until they get locked up and they are forced to take care of kids alone.

      1. You know how many women like bad boys over the good ones?I bet a lot of yall on here turned down a good guy because he was “too thirsty” or “too nice,” but couldn’t get enough of the guy who only calls you late at night and won’t commit. Don’t judge Yandy. We’re all guilty of it to some extent until we grow up and see it for what it is. At least Mandeecees is actually trying to change. He just has past mistakes catching up to him.

        1. Not judging, just speaking the truth. I know some of you like to classify that as judging on here though. #shrugs

  1. Well if he gets out and he’s found not guilty, I hope he stays out of trouble. He has kids to take care of and they need him around.

  2. I wish him well. On the show it really seemed like he was really trying to change and stay out of trouble. But sometimes the past will catch up to you anyway.

  3. I like Yandy and I use to feel sorry for her but I can’t anymore she knew exactly who Mendeeeces was when she got with and spent years with him. Street dudes may be fun to date for awhile but not to build a relationship with and let alone have a child with. I refuse I wouldn’t put my child through that but she chose him so it’s on her.

  4. Everybody make mistakes and you learn from them…when I seen his face when he looked at Yandy and his babies he then realize that all he had done was not worth it. It was worth it to loose his family and realization confronted him… I pray for them and hope that he and fiancée and their precious gifts from God get to be as one…..there are no perfect people in this world so those without faults raise your hands.

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