Chris Brown’s Album Gets Pushed Back, Again

Photo Credit: Facebook
Photo Credit: Facebook

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Chris Brown has a knack for staying in the headlines even when he doesn’t have new music out and as of now, folks are still talking about the latest jabs he took at his former girlfriend Rihanna. The on and off again love birds called off their rekindled romance several months ago, but Chris confirmed they still aren’t on the best terms since he accused her of sleeping around in the music industry in an unheard rap verse  on a DJ Khaled track that went viral about 24 hours ago.

The singer seems to think the media is unfairly critical of him, but the media’s fascination with him hasn’t made his music career any less complicated. Chris has been busy working on his upcoming album “X,” however, the album has been pushed back several times. While it’s unclear what’s caused the delay of the studio album’s release, Chris recently blamed the push backs on his management. And although he confirmed a couple of weeks ago that the album would drop in November, he recently took to his Twitter account to announce that the release date had once again been changed. Now the album is expected to drop in December. Chris tweets:

Since we pushed the album back to December 3, on 11-19-13 ima release 5 new songs just for my fans. Love y’all.

These 5 are bangers so y’all better buy “X” d*mmit!! Lol


Chris later told his fans that music is a want and not a necessity, so he doesn’t want anyone who is struggling financially to buy the album:

Music is a want… Not a necessity. If u are living paycheck to paycheck then I don’t want you to buy my album. It’s not fair. Love y’all.


  1. If the label keeps pushing the album back, that means they don’t think it’s going to perform. Maybe Chris should stop trying to rap and figure out why his label is losing interest.

  2. His career is hanging by a thread. It’s crazy to see what he has become because he had so much promise. Sad.

  3. Why Chris just couldn’t said I’m proud of you Rihanna your handling your business. You push somebody else up God will push you up. Robyn push him up on tour she promoted his tour. And went to his concert wore his clothes line. And it payed off so God is blessing her in sold out concerts. Chris you should have learn from this strong working woman beside w
    lorry about who she’s sexing why she is building a empire.

  4. Bottom line, God don’t like ugly, and when you behave ugly towards others, you get it back double. This is a prime example of reaping what you sow!

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