Pebbles Reid Goes After VH1 for TLC Biopic, Releases Statement

Photo Credit: Facebook/Urban Belle
Photo Credit: Facebook/Urban Belle

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Several days after the hit VH1 biopic “CrazySexyCool” broke records for the network, it’s pretty clear the drama is still ongoing regarding how the girl group’s former manager Pebbles Reid was portrayed in the film. For the record, the group has accused Pebbles for many years of ripping them off and getting them wrapped up into a shady contract that forced them to file for bankruptcy despite having platinum albums. Pebbles denies the accusations and it looks like she’s decided to do just what T-Boz and Chilli expected her to do and that’s call her lawyer.

Pebbles’s daughter may want to handle matters in the streets but Pebbles herself took to her Facebook account to release a statement and she confirmed that she has already hired an attorney to help her fight against her portrayal in the biopic. She says that she feels the group’s movie is nothing more than a “unprovoked attack”:

First I want to thank all of you for the well wishes and prayers. I apologize for the delay in responding to the movie, but I wanted to gather my thoughts. I have always been a private person and this unprovoked attack has been extremely upsetting to me and my family. I have needed time to spend with my family and for personal reflection.

Pebbles then confirms that she’s having her attorney demand a retraction for the film:

The movie contains many false and defamatory statements and scenes about me. Please know that I have never cheated or mislead anyone. I will defend my reputation, accomplishments, and character. My attorney is in the process of demanding a retraction of the false and defamatory statements and scenes about me from VH1.


She then goes on to say that she’s being lied on because the group wants to make money off her “silence”:

My silence has empowered individuals looking for a payday at my expense. I have held my peace for 20 years and it’s time the truth comes out. I will be sharing my story in the appropriate venue at the appropriate time. With all my heart I thank you for your faithful support.

I am extremely proud of the success and massive accomplishments of TLC—the group I discovered, managed, and mentored. I helped push open doors for TLC and other women in this male dominated industry. My sacrifices ultimately opened the door for not only a new wave of female performers in this industry but also a new generation of female executives. That backdrop makes the movie extremely personally upsetting to me.


T-Boz and Chilli maintain their story and they still claim Pebbles took advantage of them and had them sign shady contracts that led them to bankruptcy.


  1. TLC has been telling the same story FOREVER. She’s only doing all of this because it was a movie and now everyone sees how much of a snake she was. Miss me with this statement.

  2. Pebbles is still a liar I see. Anyway you can’t sue someone for a biopic. It wasn’t meant to be a documentary. I’m sure some things in the movie didn’t happen but everyone in the A already knew how much of a crook Pebbles was back in the day. She better stop fronting before someone else puts her on blast.

  3. I need for Pebbles and her little bratty daughter to have a stadium of seats. Don’t try to get mad over old news now just because a movie came out.

  4. girl bye! nobody is going to tell the same story over and over and over and it never changes…so everyone is a liar but you Pebbles???

  5. Hit dog will holler. She just mad because people know how shady and how much con artist she is. TLC been saying the same story since behind the music and before left eye died. She is so stupid she is proving exactly what TLC was saying about her.

  6. how about she release all the contract and paper work with expense deductions?.just release all the books pebbles and let the public judge.she will not go to court because all these transaction would have to open in court.

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