Photo: Amber Rose Loses All of the Baby Weight

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Amber Rose isn’t ashamed to admit she put on a lot of weight during her pregnancy, and her hubby Wiz Khalifa said in interviews months ago that they were working as a team to help her shed the pounds she packed on while she was expecting.

A few weeks ago Amber posted a photo (and possibly shaded Kim Kardashian in the process) and alerted her fans that she was only a few pounds away from her goal weight.

It now appears that Amber has reached her goal and she has lost all of her baby weight:

amber rose loses baby weight

Amber decided to forego using surgery to shed the pounds, and instead she relied on healthy dieting and plenty of exercise.

She looks amazing. Congrats to Amber.


  1. The funny thing is Kanye is always hyping Kim up and saying she’s the most beautiful woman in the world but Amber is actually a badder chick. She’s bald headed and still looks like a model. And her body is actually real. Kanye downgraded. Kim may have more money, but Amber is prettier and is more authentic than Kim. Sorry Kanye.

    1. Amber dodged a bullet. She’s happier with Wiz and he treats her like a queen. She doesn’t have to deal with Kanye and his queen antics. Things worked out for the best.

  2. This won’t do anything but make Kim release another Photoshopped attention whoring selfie with her fake a-s hanging all out. Smh.

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