Kevin Hart Covers Vibe & Explains Why He Cheated on His Ex-Wife

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Comedian Kevin Hart is having the career of a lifetime considering he keeps the movie roles coming and he has a hit show on BET thanks to “Real Husbands of Hollywood.” With a new movie out with Ice Cube hitting theaters in January (Ride Along), he appropriately landed the dual cover of the Vibe Winter 2014 and Race issue (Drake nabbed the other cover). Check out the cover below:

kevin hart vibe cover

In the interview, Kevin opened up about what it means to be a successful black comedian in an industry dominated by his white counterparts and just why he feels he is to blame for the failure of his marriage.

On why he doesn’t make race the focus of his comedy routines:

“No, I don’t need to. I get that racism exists, but it’s not a catalyst for my content. I don’t need to talk about race to have material. My style of comedy is more self-deprecating. I think that makes me more relatable. When you deal with “topics”—race, white versus black—you’re not separating from the pack. You’re doing what everybody else is doing. It’s easy to take those subjects and make them personal. You show more depth when that’s not your shtick.”

After declaring that he takes his divorce “on the chin,” Kevin then explains that cheating while he was married and knowingly wanting out without expressing it to his ex-wife wasn’t the best decision. But he feels he’s grown from the situation:

“That was just not knowing how to say, ‘I don’t want to be in this relationship anymore,’ and trying to continue a relationship while I was outside of it doing other things and trying to justify it. Then maturing and having enough balls to say, ‘I don’t want to do it.’ When you can do that, it should make you a better person. But for some people it’s a different effect. Bullsh*t happens, and the spiral of bullsh*t takes them down a further road of bullsh*t. You have the drugs and drinking and that other dumb sh*t. I got a DUI. Am I an alcoholic? Hell, no. Have I jumped behind the wheel of a car after having a drink? Yes. Have I been drunk? No. I’m not doing it anymore. It’s stupid. I realized how many people’s lives were at risk over one dumb decision, so I invest in a driver. That’s what you’re supposed to do. Some people don’t have the same thought process.”


  1. I’m not married, but I’ve heard from married people that it’s really hard. But I can’t understand why people like Kevin figure when it gets tough that they need to move on. That’s not what marriage was intended to be.

  2. Some people really treat marriage like dating. If he wanted out, he should have tried to figure out WHY he wanted out and got marriage counseling to save his marriage. He didn’t want to save it. He wanted to move on to that little gold digger he has now. Smh.

    1. Right. It never makes him look better no matter how much he says he takes the blame. You should, but it doesn’t make you look better.

  3. It just really irks me when guys say things like this. So he basically dogged out a good woman who held him down. Now he feels like cheating on her helped him become a better man for the next woman who is more than likely with him for money and status. So the woman that holds you down gets screwed basically. I just can’t….

    1. how do you know she was a good woman. why are you juding his relationship and him when you don’t know about either one.
      was it his fault he got divorced probably but that doesnt make her a good woman or kevin any worst of a man

  4. Marriage wasn’t for him in the first place if he was just over it one day and wanted to bounce. He has some cute kids though.

  5. He’s another black man with issues who punishes the woman who had his back before the success just so he can wife up the woman who came in the picture after he started winning. Then when the gold digger takes HALF in divorce court in a few years he’ll be mad about it (because they never get a prenup with the gold diggers). LOL.

  6. Honestly this is one of the reasons I don’t want to get married. Too many people don’t value it anymore or treat it like a sacred union. Kevin was just over it one day and started smashing the chick he’s with now like it was no big deal. And now he’s taking her around Hollywood and to Beyonce concerts front row like she earned it and was around when he was broke. lol

  7. He walked away from a good woman so he better hope and pray the one he’s with now is a good one. But from what I’ve seen, she’s questionable. LOL.

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