Steve Harvey’s Ex-Wife Says He Should Be in Jail for What He Did to Her

Photo Credit: Steve Harvey Show
Photo Credit: Steve Harvey Show

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Steve Harvey’s ongoing public battle with his ex-wife Mary Harvey continues. As we recently reported, Mary is currently serving a 30 day jail sentence because she violated a gag order and brought Steve Harvey’s child abuse accusations to the forefront of the media. Although Steve was eventually cleared and was not charged for allegedly abusing their son, Mary is still in jail and she’s fuming because she says Steve has made it hard for her to see their son for the last six years.

She recently gave an explosive interview to the National Enquirer which is currently on newsstands, and she’s accusing Steve of being a serial cheater and child abuser.

The publication writes:

In a blockbuster exclusive interview, Mary unloaded a barrage of claims that are guaranteed to stun fans of the amiable TV personality.

Mary blasts Harvey as a serial cheater, child abuser and bigamist – and she wants to see him tossed into jail for cheating her out of her fair share of his $100 million fortune.

“For what he’s done to me, I want to see Steve Harvey behind bars!” Mary told The ENQUIRER.


  1. Hasn’t she tried to do this before? Some battles ain’t worth fighting when karma is loyal. Let it go Mary and let God deal with him.

  2. Maybe I’m wrong, but doesn’t she get spousal support? I could have sworn Steve said on Family Feud that he works all these jobs because he pays spousal support to TWO ex wives. If that’s the case, he is giving her some of his fortune. And the whole issue with their son is messed up. But her actions won’t sit right with any judge. She’s only hurting herself in all of this.

  3. Smh. She’s still hurting from whatever went down between these two. I hope she gets some closure and healing one day.

  4. The best revenge is happiness. The sooner people learn this, the better off they will be. We’ve heard all of this before about Steve from her. She just needs sit back and watch his karma unfold. It’s coming.

  5. Why does she deserve half his $100 million? Does she work as hard as he has to get it? I don’t understand women with this mentality. No one owes you anything for staying with a dog too long.

  6. I think he is a dirtbag! He’s always saying God this and God that when he doesn’t even live a Godly life. Why in the world would a Godly man keep a child away from its mother? He is wrong but he shall have his fall from grace one day. Mary just pray and thank God you are not married to such an evil man. You are wrong Steve!!!! Search your heart and do the right thing.

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