Tamera Mowry Breaks Down in Tears over Racist Comments Regarding Her Interracial Marriage

Photo Credit: OWN/YouTube
Photo Credit: OWN/YouTube

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Our favorite twins Tamera and Tia Mowry sat down for an intense segment of OWN’s “Where Are They Now?” The segment aired last Friday and everyone is still talking about it because the twins got pretty raw about the online comments made regarding their marriages.

Tamera actually broke down in tears because she says she constantly reads racist comments regarding her interracial marriage to FOX News correspondent Adam Housley. Adam has even dragged multiple people on Twitter in defense of his wife and their marriage, but Tamera claims the remarks she’s read online have really hurt her immensely.

Tamera says:

“See this is where I get emotional because it’s hurtful. Because one my husband and I are so openly fine with showing his love. Love. But people choose to look past love and spew hate. That’s what hurts me because I’ve never experienced so much hate ever in my life. Ever.

“I get called white man’s whore. The new one was back in the day you cost $300 but now you’e giving it to him for free. Like, stuff that me as a person could never even fathom, like I can’t even think of the words. And only because it’s really hard for me to think of it because I’m a product of it. My mom is a beautiful black woman and my dad is an amazing white man. And I grew up seeing a family. I didn’t grow up seeing, [oh a n*gger with a white person]. So it’s very shocking to go through this.”


Tamera even says through tears it hurts when people compare her to her sister Tia and say she’s blacker than her because she married a black man:

“This is the big one. They say, ‘Oh Tia is a true black woman because she married a black man.’ I’m less of a black person because I married white?”


That’s when Tia adds that she actually gets told on social media that her sister Tamera did it right by marrying a white man:

“I get the opposite actually. I’ve had people say that [looks at Tamera] you’ve done it right by marrying a white man.”


Regardless of how upsetting it is to read the ignorant comments, Tamera says she’s still proud of her relationship with Adam:

“I love my husband so much. I love our family. I love our dynamic. I proud to be in the relationship that I am because it’s based on love. Pure love.”


Tamera and Tia aren’t the only celebs speaking out on harsh comments on the internet. Recently, Ciara expressed her frustration as well. Check out the emotional video below:


  1. I love the twins. I really do. But Tamera is going to have to toughen up because she’s doing exactly what the trolls wanted her to do…break down. The best reaction is no reaction. I wish her the best.

    1. Agreed. The crazy thing is all this hate we see on the internet isn’t new. It’s just that people usually expressed their hate in private and through conversations with close friends. Now they do behind the keyboard. I really think all celebs should not have social media accounts. I can only imagine how much hate they get all day over stupid stuff.

  2. This really breaks my heart when I read stuff like this coming from a family where my grandmother’s family didn’t speak to her for years for marrying outside her race. Hopefully, more people will become aware of how hurtful their criticisms can be when a couple simply is living a life of love.

  3. I am all for interracial relationships, but my issue with Adam is that he’s a racist pig. He also proudly works for the most racist News organization in the world. That aside, I hate that people leave those kind of comments about her on the internet. It’s 2014, are we really still talking about racism? Time to move on.

    1. I agree! I have no problem with interracial relationships BUT Adam imho seems really ignorant. To me everything he says Tamera acts like it’s the truth. She has no backbone. Also, she may need to stop bringing her friend around Adam so much.

  4. Aww I hate to see her sad! But unfortunately we still live in a backwards world where race still matters to some. I say marry whoever you want as long as that person makes you happy!

  5. People can be so ignorant. Who cares if her husband is white?! As long as he treats her good what’s the damn problem?!

    1. I’m trying to tell you Twitter is the damn devil’s playground! LOL. But seriously I think this is one of the main reasons they aren’t doing their reality show anymore.

  6. I’m in an interracial relationship too and I can’t even count on both hands how many times I get nasty looks from blacks and whites. But I’m happy, he’s happy and that’s all that really matters at the end of the day. You can’t let miserable people make YOU miserable. God bless her marriage.

  7. I bet the people who wrote those things are single and bitter. They are the main ones worried about who someone else is married to because they have no life of their own.

  8. Tamera boo don’t let the ignorance bring you down. If you feel you have a great marriage, nothing else even matters.

  9. I feel bad for Tamera, but this is how evil society is now. She has to realize she can’t protect her family nor herself from dealing with it. She has to be bigger than those cyber bullies. Their goal is to tear her down & she’s giving them what they want.

  10. Sadly I know her pain. Been in an interracial relationship for 11 years and people are so nasty and cruel. Blatantly and on the sly. People need to grow up and realize what other people do and who they decide to love is NONE of their business. I think what’s so disheartening is that most of the criticism we receive is from Black people acting like I let down the whole race because my husband is a different color. I think people that act so maliciously are just acting out because of the lack of love and confidence they have in their lives. I wish them the best of luck and a lot less tears. I’ve been to that point many times and it doesn’t get any easier. She just has to realize you can rationalize with racist irrational a**holes.

  11. I am an african american female and grew up in a “black” household. I dont have a problem with people marrying outside of their race. I hope as with any race, even if its the same race, that they marry for the right reasons “love”. Not because of a color. Most people when they see a person of color or mixed race, then all they see is that color. In this case all people see of her is “Black”. The problem with that is, that she is not just Black she is also White. People need to understand that she LOVES HER DADDY. No matter how White her father is, that is HER DADDY! So why would she not be open to someone who may have reminded her of her dad,(meaning that is the familiar, what she has known all of her life) Like she said she grew up in a “family” not a White family and a Black family, just a family. My family and extended family are Black and even so, I can understand that family is just family and you cant dismiss your White side just as you cant dismiss your Black side. Tamera, forget the ignorant that just dont get it or if they do get it they are racist themselves against White people or against Black. I come from an all Black home but I get it! The reason I get it is because I am not Racist and I am older than you. Who you choose to marry is your choice and up to you. When I see an interacial couple I dont look at them with hatred in my heart. I look or stare out of curiosity because I have never dated outside of my race. Dont assume all of us who look at the two of you are looking in disapproval. It just may be that we are interested and a little curious of the “what ifs” about ourselves being with a White man. Live on and be happy and by the way you two look good together and I happen to watch Fox News every day! Fox News happens to be the #1 news station and it is #1 for a reason! I am sorry to Tamera and Tia for the ignorance of fools Black or White. Trust it is not against you personally, its about how these ignorant fools were raise and the devilishness in their hearts. Please know that if they were raised by the GOOD WHITE FATHER AND BLACK MOTHER that you seem to be raised by then THEY TOO WOULD HAVE AND COULD HAVE MADE THAT SAME CHOICE. They also would not give d—n about where that husband works. Most Blacks and Whites today dont have a job so why not A GOOD WHITE MAN THAT HAS ONE! –A GOOD ONE TOO! Just because you work at a news station does not mean that you should be judged by everythng said at that news station. Juan Williams works for Fox News as other Liberals and he is not a Racist. There are also alot of Blacks that work for Fox News. If people would listen sometimes they may learn! Thank God I am not predjudice I was crying with Tamera bcus I too have never experienced racism directly and if I did I was unaware. In a way Im glad I missed out on alot of racist experiences bcus if that is how it makes you is bitter and hateful then Im glad I missed that bullet. Hold your head up Tamera and I understand this was hurtful and I am sorry if you dont hear it from the source. God is on your side and he will take care of those who Judge you. Be Happy Tamera and Tia, and both your families. All of you look good together!

    1. oops, sorry for not doing a page break. Got carried away. –and for my next to last sentence I meant “I am sorry, SINCE YOU PROB WONT GET AN APOLOGY, from the haters. I apologizes for them. They are so bitter they dont know how to say Im sorry.— #Happiness.

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