Rapper The Game Breaks up with His Fiancée over Tami Roman?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

We already told you by the looks of rapper The Game’s recent Instagram activities that he may be signing on to star on “Love and Hip Hop LA,” but now his possible storyline for the new reality show may have just been revealed.

Several days ago the rapper confirmed that he is indeed single as of now and he has broken off his engagement with his on and off fiancee Tiffney Cambridge via his Instagram account:

the game and tiffney cambridge break up

But here’s where things get interesting. Game and Tiffney are known for breaking up and getting back together all the time, but he actually went off on Tami Roman’s Instagram account and accused her of breaking up his family. Check out the screenshots obtained by Necole B*tchie:

the game drags tami roman main

the game drags tami roman

Tami isn’t one to hold her tongue, so she too responded on her Instagram account:

tami roman claps back at the game

While we’re not sure just what Tami allegedly did to break up Game and Tiffney, it is clear from Instagram photos that both hang out.

If Mona really does get Game on her spinoff show, we can only imagine the drama that will ensue.


  1. Sigh…but didn’t he cheat on Tiffney a whole bunch of times? How can he blame anyone else for their demise but himself, the actual problem? Chile please.

  2. Game acts like such a female. Now why would he say all this on Instagram? Yeah, get him on the show Mona. He will gladly sell out for ratings.

  3. Tami was probably the only one who could get through to Tiffney about Game. She probably told her the ugly truth and made her realize it was time to walk away. I believe he was sleeping with Khloe too.

  4. It’s funny how some men expect you to tolerate their cheating and lies and when you finally walk away they want to call you out your name and say you ain’t loyal? But how loyal can a cheater be? Losers.

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