Jhene Aiko Addresses Pregnancy Rumors & Expresses Annoyance with Other Artists Copying Her Style

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer Jhene Aiko is on the come up, but with a new surge in relevance and fame comes gossip and rumors. The talented artist is learning that now more than ever since the rumor mill has been churning surrounding her friendship with Drake.

In fact, Media Take Out recently claimed that Jhene is actually pregnant by Drake, and the blog also claimed a serious romance is brewing between the two artists.

However, Jhene took to her Twitter account to shut down the gossip once and for all. She tweets:

jhene aiko twitter


The singer also revealed she’s a little annoyed that other artists are seemingly trying to duplicate her style too (read tweets from top to bottom):

jhene aiko twitter 2


  1. These chicks better stay away from Drake. He’s one of those types of dudes who likes women he can’t have. He’s all about the conquest. Once he gets you, he’s over it.

  2. I never thought she was pregnant. I love Jhene Aiko that EP was fire. She has grinding a long time her and her sister Mila J.

  3. I like Jhene but she’s coming off a little cocky here. She’s still not very well known yet to be trying to shade anyone. It’s not a good look.

    1. How are these tweets cocky? She’s just saying that she doesn’t think it’s cool that other people are copying her sound. And I feel her on that because as an artist, your sound is all you have to stand out. If people start copying you, it’s easy to get drowned out in the industry.

    2. Idk why people saying that she aint known well enough to be shading anyone. Jhene has been in the game longer than Cassie plus if Cassie is trynna copy her sounds its quite obvious she’s just trynna be relevant again. She had a couple of great songs then she pretty much fell off under Diddy

  4. Cassis is trying to sound like Jhene? I must be all out the loop because I didn’t know that. Anyway, I love her music. She’s has a fresh sound and I hope she blows up.

  5. I’m glad she peeped game about Cassie and ole girl from TDB because they are trying real hard to sound like her. They need to get their own damn sound and stop trying to imitate her.

  6. Love her. Her music definitely be having me feeling some type of way. & for those saying she hasn’t been out long enough to be cocky. She actually started w B2K, they just never pushed her like that. Now she’s getting the shine she deserves w no gimmicks.

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