Draya Brags About Getting BBWLA Costars Fired?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Reality star Draya Michele is still popping off on Twitter about the upcoming season of “Basketball Wives LA,” and she’s already expressed that she’s not too happy about the season because most of the drama is surrounding her romance with Dallas Cowboys player Orlando Scandrick.

It’s being rumored that at some point of their relationship, Jackie Christie’s daughter Chantel was dating Orlando too. In a trailer for the upcoming season, Jackie confronts Draya about the situation and Draya was shocked to learn Orlando was dating her and Chantel at the same time.

Draya isn’t buying Chantel’s story though. She even thinks the drama was made up for the cameras, and she’s taking more shots at her costars. She even tweets that some people might have been dropped from the show for coming for her and her relationship. She tweets (read from top to bottom):

draya twitter

draya twitter 2


draya twitter 4 copy


  1. Oh Draya please. BBWLA is a flop. You’re acting like you’re on RHOA or something. Ain’t nobody checking for this show anymore. lol

    1. Thank you. Nobody cares about this show anymore, so they had to make Draya’s relationship the main storyline this season. If anything, Draya is too simple minded to see she is the one being played. Her relationship is about to be all out on the table just to save a sinking show. I don’t think this will end well for her or Orlando.

  2. I think she’s very insecure about how her relationship is going to look on this show. She’s tweeting about this season way too much like she’s nervous about it.

  3. I can already predict how this is going to go! Once they show scenes of Draya and Orlando all happy and sh-t, one of his jumpoffs is going to put him on blast on twitter and instagram. LOL!

  4. See this is what happens when a stripper turned reality tv star gets an ego. If Draya had real pull she would have her own show on VH1 instead of those played out web series and a role on BBWLA nobody even watches that anymore. Girl bye!

  5. Draya is very delusional. She’s only the most popular because everyone knows about what happened with her and her son. She just can’t escape that no matter how hard she tries.

  6. Nobody cares about your struggle show Draya but I will be watching to see you look like a deer caught in headlights when you find out your man was cheating on you lol

  7. Draya is so insecure and it shows. Smh. She is such a disappointment. What self-respective woman brags about getting ppl put off of the show and wtf is she talkin about. I used to feel sorry for her in the first season but she makes it so easy to not like her. She needs to grow up and focus on being a better person and mother

  8. Draya is pathetic. People only liked her because she played the victim role in season 1. And Malaysia, or Laquisa (her real name) you are as fake as your ill-fitting caps on your teeth! She is ghetto trash trying to play all sweet in front of the cameras. Brittish is my fav. Very real.

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