Chris Brown Gets Slapped with Yet Another Lawsuit

Photo Credit: Eva Rinaldi
Photo Credit: Eva Rinaldi

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Chris Brown’s legal problems just won’t let up. The R&B singer was just hit with a lawsuit recently after a man accused Chris and his crew of assaulting him at a gym, but Chris’ camp denies the allegations and they claim he’s being extorted.

Now Chris has yet another lawsuit to worry about as the man he allegedly assaulted outside of a hotel in DC months ago is now suing him for over $3 million. TMZ reports:

Chris Brown is being sued by the guy who claims the rapper berated him with the words, “I ain’t down with that gay s***” and then beat him and broke his nose.

Parker Adams claims in his new, $3 million lawsuit …. he was outside the W Hotel in D.C. last October when Brown went nuts on him. This is the same incident for which Brown is currently being prosecuted for misdemeanor assault.



Adams is suing Chris and his bodyguard for $1 million for each injury and $500K each for punitive damages to “teach them a lesson.”


  1. Yes I agree with everyone. Yet, I feel like in a way he is being picked on and victimized. No doubt about it he is still paying for what he did to RIH.

  2. Starting to think people just doing this because of Chris past. They know at this rate anybody will believe it. Poor baby did this to his self. I hope he will shake all this one day so people can look pass that bad habit.

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