Michael B. Jordan Claps Back at Racist Criticism over ‘Human Torch’ Role

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

We told you months ago that one of our favorite up and coming black actors Michael B. Jordan was being considered for the role of “The Human Torch” for the upcoming “Fantastic Four” reboot.

Now it’s official, and Jordan was named for the major part for the upcoming film.

But because the comic book character is white in the comics, fans of the character have taken to social media in droves to slam the studio’s choice in giving the role to Jordan. And it’s all because they aren’t too happy a black actor got the role.

Interestingly enough, Michael B. Jordan could care less. When TMZ caught up with him recently and asked him how he felt about the backlash, he shrugged his shoulders and said:

“Eh, they’re still going to see it anyway.”

Good answer.


  1. Please, we’ve watched white actresses portray Cleopatra and we didn’t boycott that foolishness now did we? They need to chill.

  2. People are so ignorant. Michael is a great actor. There’s no doubt he will do a great job. It’s like they don’t ever want black actors to get major roles outside of black films. It’s 2014. Get over it.

  3. Give me a break white people can portray us but we can’t portray them. Straight BS but I am starting to really like Michael B Jordan let them hate he isn’t bothered.

  4. They say Michael B. Jordan may star in the sequel to Independence Day. Will Smith is supposedly trying to talk the producers into letting him replace him. I’m so happy for Michael. He’s just blowing up.

  5. Yeah I knew it was going to be a hot mess when he got the role. Some white people do not want us in their movies period unless we’re playing slaves/butlers/maids/drug dealers/criminals.

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