Tiny Threatens Woman over T.I. on Instagram?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

T.I. and Tiny’s marriage has reportedly been on the rocks for several weeks and it was even rumored that the issue is T.I. fathered a child outside of the marriage and Tiny is livid. However, the couple has been mum on the gossip, but both have been very vocal on Instagram and they are not giving up on their marriage.

Lately, a couple of folks keep coming to Tiny and T.I.’s Instagram pages to make accusations that the rapper is not being faithful, and the couple has clapped back quite a few times.

But that didn’t stop Tiny from popping off yet again on Instagram and even seemingly threatening a woman too the other day. Mstarz reports:

Rapper T.I.’s wife, Tiny isn’t playing any games when it comes to her husband and family. The pair have reportedly been having relationship troubles and later admitted that they were fine after having a brief spat. After a split rumor went viral women have taunted Tiny about T.I. allegedly cheating on her with several mistresses, but Tiny continues to stand her ground and slam women on T.I. Instagram page.

Tiny attacked one fan saying, “@msebonyrose b**ch shut yo dumb a*s up & figure out how to stop growing out them clothes hoe!! U sound like a happy b**ch! He still MINE trick don’t get it phucked up!!”



T.I. has since then deleted Tiny’s response.

Interestingly enough, fans of the couple are even saying that Tiny has been arguing with one woman in particular on Instagram for weeks:

tiny fan twitter


  1. I’m all for checkin people when need be, but this is just too much. Now it really does look like they are having marital issues.

  2. How do these people even have time to read through every comment and respond to people? I would think they would be too busy for that.

  3. They obviously aren’t in a good place because this is the most I’ve seen Tiny go off on people. I guess TI hasn’t been keeping his side chicks in line lately.

  4. Tiny needs to take a page out of Beyonce’s playbook and just stop responding to idiots. Responding to them isn’t helping. It seems to make them go harder for some reason.

    1. Responding in general, even a negative response is still going to get fans fired up. Of course they would comment things like that if they think one of them is going to respond. Some people don’t care what she says about them. They’re talking to freakin T.I.s wife!!!!

  5. Well if T.I. respected his marriage and kept it in his pants, none of this would be happening. What he and other men need to understand is side chicks ain’t what they used to be. Now they want to put you on blast on Twitter and Instagram.

  6. Why do people do this on Instagram and Twitter? I’m so over people running to IG to expose someone. At least back in the day the side chicks actually had the balls to CALL the wife up and spill the tea. Ugh.

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