Hardball: Ludacris Files for Full Custody & Requests Child Support from New Baby Mama

Photo Credit: Eva Rinaldi
Photo Credit: Eva Rinaldi

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

It looks like Ludacris may be taking a page out of Chris Bosh, Usher and Dwyane Wade’s play books. As we recently reported, the rapper fathered a daughter outside of his longtime relationship with his girlfriend Eudoxie, and his new baby mama Tamika Fuller is requesting he forks over $15,000 a month in child support.

Luda clapped back in court and claimed he could not afford to pay more than $1800, but the judge saw it fit to make the rapper pay around $7000 a month for now.

Welp, although Ludacris claimed recently that he’s having money issues, he’s now saying he’s more fit to raise his baby girl and he actually wants Tamika to pay him child support. TMZ reports:

The rapper now says in legal docs he’s a “fit and capable parent” and should get full physical custody. He offers up his parental resume, saying he’s always been “an active father” to his 12-year-old girl.

Now the plot thickens.

Luda has also asked the judge to force Tamika to pay HIM child support. That’s interesting, because Tamika was asking for $15K a month in child support and Ludacris pleaded poverty, saying Paul Walker’s death derailed “Fast & Furious 7” and his cash flow dried up. The judge awarded her $7K a month.



This is a very interesting development considering Tamika said recently that Ludacris has still not met his new daughter.

We’re starting to think this move by Ludacris is was what Eudoxie meant when she told a friend that Tamika was “gon learn today” on Instagram recently.


  1. So now he’s going to take the baby away from that woman. I don’t agree that she needs $15k but this is just low down. He just said he’s broke, hasn’t even seen the baby, but now he wants full custody? Yeah this is all about money for Luda and Tamika. Smh.

  2. So this is retaliation because he is upset about paying 7k which is reasonably favorable to him because he could be paying more. Child support is supposed to be based on income. I know someone who makes 85k and pays 1200 a month. Why should a millionaire think he should just pay 1800 dollars a month. Because he thinks he can manipulate the system a la (Chris Bosh) because he has lawyers,money and resources he is counting on cheating the system. Maybe if some of these wealthy men paid according to their income they would think twice about going in these chicks raw. I totally get that this woman is no angel. However Luda was the fool who had sex with her and produced a baby. The bottom line is own up to your responsibility you had this child now take the consequences with it. But in true loser fashion he is being a vindictive person by filing for sole custody why didn’t he file earlier why after he got slammed for child support. Boy I tell ya this is real low down. I knew Ludacris wasn’t sh-t when he started blaming a dead Paul Walker for his so called “financial woes”. Eudoxie doesn’t seem to be hurting for money like Ludacris is claiming.

  3. I am so over reading about these kinds of situations. I think adults need to understand that having sex without a condom or birth control will most likely lead to babies. If you don’t want to have babies with someone then don’t sleep with them without protection. And another thing, these men act like they deplore these women but who held a gun to Luda’s head and forced him to sleep with Tamika anyway? He could have just said no and went home to his girlfriend. This is yet another terrible situation that could have been avoided and the children pay for it more than the adults do.

  4. I’m not surprised. I would say this is why women shouldn’t have babies by men they aren’t married to, but nowadays these men will treat their ex wives like trash too (Usher and D Wade).

    1. Nope, feminism and the advent of the pill started this craziness and now men are learning. It’s going to get worse before it gets better.

  5. Ludacris is a loser. He’s salty Tamika didn’t abort that baby so I guess this is payback. And I bet he still hasn’t even seen the child. Pathetic.

    1. He’s a loser for wanting to raise his own child? He’s a loser for not wanting to pay 15K or even 7K to support a 2 month old?

      Here’s an exercise. List the expenses that a 3 month old would need that would total 7K in a month. Don’t worry, I’ll wait.

      1. Man bye! You can write as many comments as you want on here, I said he’s a loser and there’s not squat you can say to change my opinion! Any man that refuses to see his child is a damn loser! Period! Now type away and keep replying to everyone like you’re Ludacris himself. I don’t give a damn.

        1. LOL! Exactly. You have nothing to support your position so the resort defaults to name calling. lol! Typical. Have a good one!

          1. I never called you anything and you know it. But I’m going to do something you never do on here and respect your opinion. I don’t care what you think but my opinion is mine! And because I respect your opinion I won’t argue with you about it. Maybe one day you will learn to respect other people’s different opinions and stop arguing all the time because people don’t see things the way you do! Welcome to America where we all have a right to think what we want and aren’t obligated to prove anything to anyone unless it’s the court of law! You don’t always have to be right. Goodbye.

          2. I never insinuated that you called ‘me’ a name. You called Ludacris a name ‘loser’. That’s your opinion however. You have the option of having it. The issue with this site is that no one wants to have their opinions challenged. I don’t get it. There is no ‘discussion’ here. It’s… interesting. The people that i ‘remember’ most here, Queen, Ms. Jackson, Gabriella, Ha… are the people that I have ‘engaged’ with in some sort. Here it seems like people state their opinion and that’s that. No debate, no interaction, no…. no getting too know one another. I guess I just don’t ‘want’ it to be that way. I don’t know. Oh well, I digress. Have a great day ma’am.

          3. I’m a man. You have to accept that not everyone wants to defend their opinion to you. Me personally I like to write my opinion and read the opinions of others. You seem hell bent on arguing or changing people’s opinions. That’s not my style so I don’t get it. When I read a different opinion, I keep it moving. It doesn’t bother me. I guess I don’t care what other people think as much as you do. I’m not a woman, but here’s a tip, if you want to get women to open up to you, maybe you shouldn’t try to start arguments. Look at your original reply to me…how was that not snarky? It definitely was not friendly and reeked of know it all and arrogance.

    2. To attempt to change the opinions of others is folly. That’s not my objective. I enjoy the debate. Nothing more. It seems that debating is frowned upon here. It seems as though we are simply going to see this differently however my response was as snarky as the original position. Your opinion is that he’s a loser and that he’s petty by suggesting that his actions are merely ‘payback’. OK… That’s your opinion. Is it starting an argument to ask for more depth? This is the internet. In fact, this is a website that has a space for individuals to comment. My wanting to engage in debate on a particular subject in no way means that I ‘care about what other people think’. That’s simply a flawed assumption. Oh well. It is what it is. Peace.

      1. Nah, it’s just the way YOU debate. You come across as snarky and it is a turn off to some. You’re taking my comment like a personal attack when I was talking about Ludacris, not you. So because I called HIM a loser, you feel you had a right to come at me snarky? I don’t get that but whatever. But people do disagree on here respectfully sometimes. I’ve even seen Beyoncé and Rihanna fans debate and come to an understanding on here because they were calm and willing to listen to each other. It can be done. Telling me You’ll wait and I need to come up with a list because you don’t like my comment doesn’t make me want to engage in a discussion with you. You’re not some judge who has all the answers, me either. We all have opinions and that’s ok. Approach people in a nicer way more often and they might be more receptive. But we can agree to disagree and I have no issues with you. I usually lurk anyway but decided to comment more. It’s all good.

        1. No worries. It’s all 1’s and 0’s at the end of the day. I will continue to be me, you will continue to be you. You believe that he is a loser, I do know whether he is a loser or not as I haven’t all of the details. I simply asked you to defend your position. Just as it is odd to you that someone would approach you in a manner that is ‘snarky’ (which is subjective at best) based on their commentary about someone else, it is odd to me that someone would make a declarative statement about an individual yet not defend that statement when pressed (not that you have to, I simply think that if you’re in a forum that is designed for back and forth interaction then that’s what how you utilize it). Nothing more. That said, I mean no harm in the slightest. It’s simply my method of engaging in a contest of wits over a subject that we’re both interested in. I enjoy the debate because it allows me to learn positions that are different from my own as well as forcing me to refine and sharpen positions that I have that are strong and disregard positions that I have that are weak. “Iron sharpeneth iron; So a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.” I’ve not used profanity or derogatory terms as it relates to you nor have I been directly pejorative in any manner as it relates to you. I apologize for appearing to be directly combative in a negative way. There was honestly no malice in my position. Peace.

      2. I hate to see you guys have a disagreement but I’m glad you can talk it out. Looks like a big misunderstanding to me. Sometimes we just have to learn each other on here. Uncontainable Spirit is a great person who loves to debate and means no harm. Hershey you’re cool and always speak your truth. Let’s all move forward. 🙂

        1. I tell you this much… I LOVE ME SOME QUEEN! When they get this whole cloning thing down pat, I’m definitely coming for your hair and nail clippings. 😀

  6. So he wants to punish Tamika for being a gold digger but he’s still dropping all his little cash on his gold digger girlfriend who would not be with his big headed short a-s if he didn’t have money. Child bye.

  7. I don’t cosign women having babies for pay checks but this right here is just as low down. How you filing for full custody over a baby you’ve been refusing to see Luda? POS.

  8. This is sad two money hungry fool of parents. Tamika was requesting Luda pay 15k which is just too much, so I look at as she couldn’t support the child without Luda. So for some reason I hope Luda get custody, but Tamika shouldn’t have to pay child support and she should have some visitation rights. Thats what I think. *shrug* But most likey he’ll lose unless he have some proof to back up why she shouldn’t have custody.

  9. He is a trip so he has unprotected sex with this woman and don’t wanna pay child support so he’s going to try to take this woman’s child he should be ashamed of his self all respect is lost for this so called man

  10. As much as I would love to blame just Ludacris I blame her too. I know he’s rich but some of these women aren’t getting any money for their children, why did she ask for so much money? She has a job, why wouldn’t $1800 a month be enough for an infant??? She doesn’t even need $7000. But what he’s doing is just as trifling. He don’t want the baby, he just wants to teach her a lesson. The poor child is the one who is going to pay in the end…

  11. Who in the world will grant custody of a child to a man who hasn’t even seen his child and shows that he really wants nothing to do with her? And aside from asking for waaaay too much money in child support what has Tamika done to make him or anyone thing that she should lose custody of her child?

  12. I LOVE IT! heh heh… It’s the ‘system’. I say it ALL of the time. The system is corrupt so men are literally forced to behave in a manner that is aggressive because the system by its nature is stacked against them. I don’t blame him one iota. EVERY man should automatically file for full custody. Period. Just like it was mandatory that women accuse men of abuse in order to get a restraining order even though there was no abuse (lawyers consistently told women to do this as strategy) men should as a matter of course file for full custody.

  13. Yet rich white men will suck it up and pay high child support payments because they actually believe their child (no matter who their mother is) deserves to live the same lavish lifestyle they do.

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