Chris Brown Accuses Former Manager of Trying to Sabotage Him, Former Manager Claps Back

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Tina Davis has been in Chris Brown’s corner ever since he was just a young teenager from Virginia hoping to become the next great entertainer, but as always when artists step away front their former managers, things get ugly.

Yesterday Chris took to his Twitter account to accuse Tina Davis of leaking out music from his upcoming album “X.” He tweeted the following before deleting it (screenshot obtained by That Grape Juice):

chris brown tina davis beef


Tina Davis was not having it and she clapped back just minutes later before also deleting her tweet, seemingly hinting that she felt Chris’ tweet was defamation and slapping him with a lawsuit was a possibility:

@ChrisBrown Trace it! Find out where it originated from…RCA can do that for you. Then send a defaming tweet out on who really did it.



As we reported recently, Akon’s brother Bu Thiam joined Chris’ management team about a year ago, but now he’s reportedly Chris’ official manager and Tina is out.

“X” drops on May 5.


    1. Yeah it is. I don’t know if that’s true but that’s been a rumor for a long time. It hit the fan when he beat up Rihanna though because people kept saying Tina was the woman he was texting that night.

  1. I believe him. I know he’s over the top and needs to calm down, but Tina wouldn’t be the first or last manager to do this after an artist fires them.

  2. I’m glad he got rid of Tina. She hasn’t been very helpful to him in the last few years and he needs new direction. But he also needs to get rid of his fake friends the OHB boys. They are nothing but trouble.

    1. LOL. Karrueche should go too then. She doesn’t mean him any good either but Team Breezy would never admit that now would y’all?

        1. LOL! I’m just saying why hasn’t Kae ever told Chris the truth about his leeching homeboys? Rih did. And that’s because Rih got her own money.

  3. The drama just never ends with Chris. Not to say this leak isn’t important but he needs to be focused on himself and let the record label and his new managers worry about this. All he need to worry about is becoming a better person.

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